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  1. Hello, I am looking to start a new server for minecraft, I am willing to pay each month for a dedicated oen i was just willing to see who would join me and help me out with this idea of mine, I want it to be a small community based roughly of what you see of you tube from chimmney and generik and and such likes. All help would be appreciated, Age and reason for joining server would help determine if you join .
  2. Hello may me and my partner join Chaos_fortune and green_babe? wasn't sure if you are white listed or not so I will try to connect later if its ok?
  3. Hello my application is for two people Myself and my Bf. IGN: green_babe Chaos_fortune. first names : Sarah and Simon. Skype: Is available in a pm . Age both 25. Short paragraph, ME and my bf have been looking for a good server for a few months now, having put up with failing servers and just downright cheesey people. I mainly do the normal minecraft stuff gathering resources and such likes, where as my bf has a fun time building anything he thinks of and likes to dabble in the art of witchery. Thanks for the consideration Sarah and Simon.
  4. hello, sorry if this is in the wrong area, I have just made this account to ask for help! Every time I go to play Attack of the B team the game wont start and i dont have much knowledge on how to fix it, I have included the error log for anyone who would be kind enough to help. <script src="http://pastebin.com/embed_js.php?i=JV6GTpuF"></script>
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