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  1. Name(What do you want to be called): I go by Garbonzo IGN: TheArcaneLlama Skype(Must have one): garbonzo1344 Favorite Mod(s): Witchery, Tinkers, Thermal Expansion, What are you best at: I love to build. Redstone is always fun as well. Witchery is kinda my thing though... That's what most of my time will be spent on. TimeZone: Mountain Time/USA
  2. Age(13+): 15 name(optional): Miles Skype(must): garbonzo1344 Why you want to join: I'm just looking for a small AotBT server that I can enjoy with other people. I love this mod pack, and it excites me to meet and interact with new people in modded minecraft! What your minecraft skills are e.g. Building,Redstone: I am a builder. I love building and I have a lot of experience doing so. I am also very experienced in Witchery. IGN(in game name): TheArcaneLlama Active Time(at least 2+hours most days): Yeah, probably 3 or more hours on weekdays. Most likely more on the weekends. Thanks for consideri
  3. Hey! Come check out our server, all people welcome. Some plugins have been added but not many. We need more awesome people like you! Contact me if you need anything
  4. Hi... Um. I don't really know what happened. But Me, along with my buddies would like to rejoin! Get back to me -ArcaneLlama
  5. IGN - ArcaneLlama Real Name - Miles Skype(Op) - garbonzo1344 Age (We accept all ages)- 13 What Mods are you best at? (For your shop) - Witchery, Tinkers, the food mod (I forget the name) Tell me about yourself - I'm a pretty relaxed guy. I've been described as funny and intelligent. I get along with people very well and love these small community servers. I do love competition though, so I'll part take in wars. I will be a very active player if I like your server. Timezone - Mountain time (US) Maturity Level 1-10 and why (Just to see if your Sane or not lol) - 8. I have two modes. 1. relaxed,
  6. IGN: Scienceguy2002 Age: 13 (but mature) Why I want to join this server- B-team is always more fun on servers, I mean whats the point of the witchery mod if your not on a server? Also I just like seeing what people do Skype: garbonzo1344 What i would enjoy doing: Building, making thermal expansion stuff, and Witching
  7. IGN: Scienceguy2002 Age: 13 (But mature) favorite mod in B Team: either Witchery or Thermal Expansion What do you like to do on a server?: I love to build. especially interior decorating, (shoutout to bibliocraft & Mr. Crayfishes) Why do you want to join my server?: Its really hard to find a AotBT server with a small community and no banned items. I love multiplayer because i like to see what people build and its just alot more fun. Skype: garbonzo1344 Favorite color: I like dark green. light blue is good too... Hope I can join! -Garbonzo
  8. I would love to join! Age: 14 Reason for joining: I just want to find a server with a small community to survive and have fun! Hope I can join -Garbonzo
  9. i would love to join! I know another person who might want to join to. I know alot about this modpack and i dont grief! I do speak english i am 13 but mature. I like to pull little pranks but nothing destructive hope i can join! -garbonzo
  10. That looks really good, I normally do whatever my inspiration tells me to do. if I like a design i just roll with it. In terms of your configuration, I think you should use the entrance room (or a empty room next to it) just to look good. Use the crayfish mod and microblocks and openblocks to make living rooms and kitchens and bedrooms. Theres some really cool stuff like TV's and couches, cabinets, stoves, coffee machines etc. Then the rest of your house for all the other things. Witching, Tinkering, Thermal expantion things. I like to dig down and make multiple floors, connected with elev
  11. IGN: Scienceguy2002 age: 14 language: English (but I speak a little German too) Favorite modpack: I really like Hexxit, but AotBT is my favorite Why do you want to join?: I just want to find a small community to play AotBT with. Its rare to find a server here that still accepts people! Hoffe, dass ich mitmachen kann! thanks! -Garbonzo
  12. Sorry I posted twice. I didn't know it went through the first time
  13. IGN: Scienceguy2002 AGe: 13 (but very mature) WHy should I pick you: I just want to find a small community to play AotBT and have fun! Fav mod: Witchery, fo sho! are you good at building?: its my main strength, LOVE building Thanks! -Garbonzo
  14. IGN: Scienceguy2002 Age: 17 Time zone:Mountain time USA Have you ever been banned from a server?: no How long have you played minecraft: 3 years ish Any additional info: its hard to find new servers still accepting players! hope I can join!
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