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  1. seems like there's a problem with something server side. I'm working on getting it back up, and should be fixed in a little bit
  2. Added a bunch of people recently... but I got busy and forgot to list them here haha. If you applied, check your email!
  3. There's no minimum age, and we have a pretty diverse crowd. People from about 12 to 46, from a number of different countries (I'm 27 and located in Eastern US). I look for maturity in the application and general attitude of the people applying to determine if I think they should be allowed on. I check for ban history in a few databases and match it to what the person put down on their application. I typically err on the side of allowing people on, and email them to ask them more about odd things. We utilize anti-grief plugins and block logging plugins, so if anyone turns out to be a bad player, they get banned and whatever they did gets fixed. We also make backups in case anything serious happens.
  4. Welcome Metzmeister, Nitsuj311, and majorpain_97. You've been added!
  5. You need to log out of the launcher and log back in. That has fixed this error for each person that I've seen get this error, including me. Let me know if it doesn't
  6. I just sent you an email haha. Yeah, that's really weird that it won't let you on. I re-added you to everything and reloaded the list, so give it another try and let me know if you're able to get on or not. Sorry!
  7. wolfdehulster, amesfille, ShaggyD00, and Dawnwraith; welcome to the servers!
  8. Mozz_Vader and Hypersilver2, you have been added to the whitelist!
  9. xXElite_TricksXx and Weechird, you're now on the whitelist! Welcome!
  10. scowlinggoblin, 1111nic, and Slyninja651, welcome to the server!
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