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  1. IGN: Emilolishes Age: 14 Skype: emiminecraftemi TS3: I don't know what is it but I could probably get it. I'm looking for a non-grief friendly server.. and I hope this is it!!
  2. IGN:Emilolishes age: 13 Country: USA Do you have/ use skype: Yes Do you have/ use teamspeak: I can get this if needed. Streaming/ Uploading to youtube: Working on it. Stream/Channel name: --- building or just playing: Both! I just love the game and this mod-pack! Acceptance to the rules?: ABSOLUTELY
  3. IGN:Emilolishes How long have you played mc/b-t: I have played Minecraft for about 3 years and attack if the b team for about 1 1/2 months. How often do you play mc/ b-t: 1-3+ hours on most week days and 1-5+ hours on weekends. Age: 13 almost 14 Other information: This server looks like a very well handled server with a great group of members, hope to be accepted and thanks for your time!
  4. Ign: Emilolishes Age: 13 How long have you played mc/ b team?: I have played minecraft for 2 years and AOTBT for about 1 1/2 months. How long do you play mc/bt: Whenever I can, but during weekdays 1-3+ hours depending on my amount of homework and on weekends 1-5+ hours. Other information: If anyone needs help on the server I'm there to help! Also I am obsessed with AOTBT I will be on whenever I have the chance!
  5. IGN: Emilolishes Age: 13 Experience with AOTBT: I've played AOTBT for about 1 1/2 months now and I have caught onto the more challenging mods like Tinkers Construct and Witchery,etc and the simple mods like Carpenter Blocks, food plus, etc. I am watching all of Chim's AOTBT videos again where he does his episodes mod by mod. Also, when I am working on a mod I always am on the wiki to make sure I am doing everything correctly. So I would say I know just about the whole modpack by heart. Skype name: emiminecraftemi Personality: I am a hardworking, committed, helpful when I can be, and a fas
  6. Ign: Emilolishes I would love to be apart of your attack of the B-Team server and I will be on when I can.
  7. IGN: Emilolishes Age: 13 almost 14 Skype: Yes How often do you play: 1-3+ hours on most weekdays 1-5+ weekend Favorite game: Minecraft Favorite Anime:Avatar Other games: Nope just minecraft
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