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  1. You have All been whitelisted. the spawn is not fully completed, if I see you online ill give you your greeting pack. also the server ip is:
  2. Welcome To VYL8 NEW server addition, ATTACK OF THE B TEAM !!!! Brief summary - I'm joe I have hosted many servers in the past and have now moved onto modpacks. my ideas for this server is for players to play attack of the b team with players like a community. the only plugins will be essentials this is because it will give players the chance to meet at spawn or ask to teleport to their friends. SERVER RULES No greifing No stealing No swearing Be respectful to others The server ip is - Their is no mods removed this is to give players as much freedom as possible. As I said above the only plugin would be essentials. The server will be running 24/7 The type of player I will be accepting is friendly and willing to play in a community. I don't mine where you come from as long as you can speak English. it would also be a bonus if you be online quite frequently to keep other from playing on their own to much. I will be accepting most people so no sweat just apply. The server is whitelisted so if you would like to post below your IGN, where you are from, how long you can be online and also your age. I will see your application and reply when you have been whitelisted. When you join the server and im online I will give you a welcome pack, this will get you started and help you survive your first night and find you desired place to set up shop. hope to see you on the server soon Regards joe
  4. hi I know your no longer accepting but my name is Joe I have a massive experience with attack of the b team and using the mods to build cool houses, dungeons/caves and lairs. I am 17 and have been playing minecraft since it came out. my IGN: VYL8YOURCREEPER. I am looking for a community sever to play in and have fun. would love to join your sever thanks Joe.
  5. IGN: VYL8YOURCREEPER Age: 17 Experience: played minecraft since it came out, had loads of successful servers and played this mudpack since it came out
  6. 1. IGN: VYL8YOURCREEPER 2. AGE: 17 3. LOCATION: uk 4. TIME YOU WILL BE ON: 5 TILL LATE 5. EMAIL: [email protected] 6. I CAN USE SKYPE 7. I have loads of knowledge with this mods and have also made loads of very successful servers.
  7. NEW server just opened I have hosted before and it went really well now I am back again. I am aiming for a community server with regular player online and willing to play there are no banned items. only one plugin which is essentials this is only because it helps players tp to each other and meet at spawn ect. this server will be great especially with you guys on it to. all I want is your ign your age where your from how old you, your previous experience with this mod pack and how long you'll be on below I will respond in a matter of hours thanks joe
  8. I would like to join your whitelisted server if you would allow me to join. My in-game name is purpe_panda and my Skype is zerrow-owner if you want that.

    1. joeboiii


      sorry man I closed it, I have reopened another attack of the b team server if your interested.

  9. Hey Guys I am looking for a small amount of players to join the sever and just hang out and have fun with this mod pack. you must speak English apart from that there are no requirements. the server is just mean to be a small community. with players on frequently and helping other players with mods they just cant get the grips of. if your interested pm me. thanks Joe
  10. the server Ip is I am very sorry but the server is soon turning into a hermit craft modsauce server as the mods are better
  11. Sorry for being inpatient but remember, the white list server

    1. joeboiii


      I have reopened it if your still interested

  12. Hi I have reloaded my attack of the b team server I have 12 slots available for a nice community server with players that can come on regularly. as well as being able to play regularly they need to speak English. the server is running 1.0.12a I will accept the first 12 people and I would prefer it if you could contacting me by private message or posting below. good luck
  13. if you would like to join the server please pm me instead of replying to this thanks - server owner
  14. if all the spots are used up and people are still looking for a sever with a small community pm me
  15. anyone still looking for a whitelisted small community server for attack of the b team pm me :-)
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