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  1. Hi sorry it took so long for me to get back to you. You're both added to the whitelist. Have fun
  2. You three have all been added to the whitelist. At this point I am no longer going to be adding more members to the whitelist. I'll see how the current batch of members goes and re accept applications if and when I decide we need more members. Thanks
  3. You're both on the whitelist! you're also welcome to invite some friends if you want, and yeah I'll reformat the thread a bit better :/
  4. On the 1st of January 2015 I started a new Attack of the BTeam server with the intention of hosting one server with one world without any map resets or pack changes for at least an entire year. Currently we have less than a handfull of active players and we're looking to bump that number to between 10 and 20. At the moment we're working on building a small town/village with many other plans for the future of the server, as well as starting an economy using Artifice coins. The server rules are as follows. - Mob Griefing is off and the difficulty is set to easy for a more relaxed
  5. Survival mode not intense enough for you? Want to feel more immersion with more realistic gameplay? This is the modpack you've been looking for. Maintain your hydration and fight off heatstroke as you avoid cave-ins and hide in paranoia as zombies and skeletons track your scent and blood trails. Keep a healthy balanced diet as you train pets or even use Necromancy to create your own hybrid minions to defend you. Wield the powers of magic through spells, witchcraft and runic rituals. Explore new types of dungeons to find epic loot while fighting endless hordes of monsters. Traverse the
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