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  1. Sorry for being inpatient but remember, the white list server

    1. joeboiii


      I have reopened it if your still interested
  2. Sometimes, being peaceful is bad in some servers. Me for example, will have to tag lock everyone since I am gonna be like the Not So Friendly Warlock. (chim does not know the meaning of witch -.- Witch - girl, Warlock- Boy )
  3. In Game Character: TheDiamondRanger Reason for requesting: My favorite server closed . Knowledge of the mod pack: 6/10 really, and I can google if I need help with mods. Gender: Male Other: I am friendly but my in game role model is ChimneySwift11 but who can blame me? He is awesome. I play a good amount since none of my friends live nearby :/
  4. Which optifine do I download? I used the newest 1.6.4 optifine light but it didn't work! Please help so I can get more FPS.
  5. Can I please join? I'll do almost anything but not if it includes with my age. Hello?
  6. I think this mod should be added. I saw a mod case on it and man, with AOTB it would create million of ways for parkour, fighting, and building! Edit: Ik that you have to talk to the creators but I am just saying my opinions so please do not hate.
  7. In-Game Name: TheDiamondRanger Age: NOT saying. Why do you want to play on this server: I enjoy good servers which has good mods and admins (which I can never find :/ ) What do I like to do (Build,Mine, etc..) : I try to advance and try to have fun! Play around, have friendly wars, and more! What don't I like to do: Griefing, and Stealing Experience with mudpack (1-10) : I would say around 6 What is love: wth?! why ask that?! Squirtle or Pikachu: Pikachu because electric beats water. It is actually spelled Pikachu not Pickachu.
  8. do you think that I should be added? If I get enough people to say yes to me, then I will be able to join and not say my age which I like to keep private. Also, I think you should join absolutely!
  9. I said I am not saying but I play rate M games. I think that people should not judge by age but by maturity so please don't ask but remember, I am helpful and I play rated M games (with cursing) . Also, I just want to play a server where the mods and admins are good(one of the top servers I play has 1 bad mod...), I enjoy great communities, I try to help until I become the full out NSFY Warlock ( well... I will help a tad), and just please say yes, I think everyone here wants fun, right?
  10. I may not be a youtuber but I can help people out plus I want to have a ChimneySwift11 in there! I never grief on purpose and I looooove pranks! My age is not to be told but I play rated M games so I can deal with some language. I also update my posts for the best grammar! I do not curse, the closest thing that I say that is near a curse is fudge. So I : 1, never grief, 2, fast type (bad grammar while fast typing but not terrible), 3, I am a warlock, and 4, I am friendly but I can get upset so if I do, tell me to take a chill pill, relax, or take a break. IGN: TheDiamondRanger
  11. I shall try but when it happens now... I get shot into a million pieces...
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