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  1. I work full time and have a family I try to get on and record everyday! I can't answer for Armel and Kottis although Kottis is on pretty much everyday. As previously mentioned I have de white listed a lot of people and am looking for new!! Nitsuj I'll add you when I get home from work
  2. redJester19 and unicornsexistx3 - Welcome to the server! Check you PM's for the IP :)
  3. Give me a sec and I'll post a screen shot
  4. Another quick one from me . Is there a reason why we can't chisel certain blocks, more specifically iron blocks?? Is there something in the config that needs changing or adding??
  5. Some guys have been de-whitelisted due to inactivity, if you are still looking for an AOTBT server and want to join, post below. It'd be nice to have some more YouTubers on board!!
  6. Had to completely remove carpenters blocks, couldn't log in at all unless I had! Replaced the empty hole with standard chests and reinstalled the mod. It's a shame because a lot of the guys houses and bases were solely made of these blocks, they lost everything, I've had to OP them so they can rebuild
  7. http://www.mediafire.com/download/wxwwok556oaaalc/Crash_reports.rar Here's a link to the rest of the crash reports, i've zipped them all up, to make it easier
  8. it's in there for the last few, can't remember how many. but you might like to see the others??? *signed name stolen by wild Roadrunner!* *blep blep!*
  9. Legend, thanks for the quick reply. I have uninstalled carpenters blocks to enable me to do the suggested, i'll let you know if it works. I'll also post all of the crash reports, but it'll take some time!! *signed name stolen by wild Roadrunner!* *blep blep!*
  10. http://pastebin.com/E175AZvw Any chance of having a ganders at the above!? It's the 16th crash report in less than 12 hours since updating, starting to get a little frustrated now *signed name stolen by wild Roadrunner!* *blep blep!*
  11. JordRossWBA and NotTheBestName, welcome to Jumanji! joMAMAisBOSS and Fairy_Tail_Natsu, sorry guys but your too young TheDiamondRanger whats your age dude? 7 slots left
  12. Server IP: It's a secret and will be forwarded to you if and when you have been accepted Rules: There are no rules, this server is based on trust and trust alone!! There are NO mods removed or added on this server, it's kinda "Vanilla" AOTBT, likewise with banned items....there aren't any!! Reason behind this server is to provide a 24/7 playable server for the AOTBT population, it has 20 slots, no more! Ideally you will be a YouTuber or somebody looking to start recording and want a friendly server to do so on. Either way it's no biggy!! At the moment it's just me, I've done bits around spawn, but mainly got going with my starter house and provisions. Spawn is yours so please feel free to do what you think is necessary. OH, by the way, did i mention there's already a village there!!?? I'm looking for mature players aged 18+, BUT, I may consider younger Leave the usual below and I'll get back to you as soon as physically possible (if you have a YouTube channel already leave that as well)
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