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  1. So people want this mod, also the technic poeple made this entire modpacknot Bdubs or Generikb, look at bdubs first video on it he explains it there
  2. how would morphs mess this is and why are you calling me dumb is was just a suggestion!
  3. ysit does work because you can climb up any block. The video i posted shows the answers Also if you don't believe that it would work, install it onto the modpack it your self and test it for yourself yes it does work, testing it to see if it would work, i installed the mod into the modpack created a building with all the different types of carpenters block, and it is compatible, And even if it doesn't work some mods in AOBT modpack aren't compatible with some things, but it does work, i have tested it, and working is only valid if you test it, and i have wait didn't the creators of Technic make this modpack not Bdoubleo100 and Gnerikb
  4. I have read the rule, and sorry ok ill talk to them Yes it does work scince you can have a half block of gap to do it Nope i have tested myself it does work
  5. Minecraft Username: awesomepingu2005 Age: 14 years old Skype: awesomepingu2005 Why I wish to join: I want to join this server because: - I am great person to be around with, I get along with people easily, and if you do something to me, I wouldn't get angry, but if it was as a prank then I would do the same back to you someday - If you need any builders/help I am a builder/Admin for the server RageCraftGames. I build hunger games maps and if you want I could post screenshots of what I build (especially the spawn, it looks awesome). - I am already on a Admin on a public server which shows I am trustworthy. - I go on attack of the b team regularly so if you want active people then come to me - If you want someone who is good a building and want to build a spawn village I am the man/boy to go to,and I could build an market area where you can build all your shops, and stuff. - I am very good at creating maps, and with Microblocks and Carpenters blocks, the maps would look even more greater! What are the things I enjoy in the modpack: - I enjoy Galacticraft, the whole planets things it awesome to me and I am great at all the technical mods also. - Microblocks, As I am a builder, microblocks is a huge step for me as it adds a whole new level to building. - Carpenters Blocks, Again i am a builder so it would make me more adventurous with what I build and my builds would become better! - I enjoy flans mod, all the guns are awesome in it! And if they add smart moving it would great a whole new experience. Also could set up a shop for it. - Finally I enjoy Tinkers Construct! It is an awesome mod for tools. If you add me I will help you with all the tools and even give you some. PS: If I get accepted can you send me the server IP to my Gmail (look in under my name or on my profile)
  6. Hey, i was wondering of adding a new mod to the modpack, the mod is called 'Smart Moving'. It is basically a parkour based mod which adds in a bunch of new features and animations to the game, e.g. new physics. It is also one of the best mods in the world!!! It also is a fun, cool thing to add to the game since attack of the b team is meant to be a fun, building modpack unlike the others which are most industrialized modpacks. How we can use it in AOBT? - Since we have micro-blocks and carpenters blocks it adds a whole new feature since in the mod you can climb up half gaps, eg stairs/slabs stacked on each other. - With advanced genetics we can fly, and there is a new flying animation in Smart Moving which would work create with advanced genetics flying. - Crawling in Smart Moving, Flans Mod, loads of cool guns and snipers. With the crawling we can hide in the tall grass with our snipers, picking people off. Great for adventure maps/ pvp servers! - Diving, diving is a cool feature and it allows you to dive into anything! Great for building adventure maps/ rp servers, such as Assassins Creed servers. With this new parkour feature we can re-create Assassins Creed in AOBT and also as AOBT is also a building modpack, we can add vast amounts of detail into the maps and make it look more realistic. Feature which are in Smart Moving: Climbing only via gaps in the walls Climbing ladders with different speeds depending on ladder coverage and/or neighbour blocks Alternative animations for flying and falling Climbing along ceilings and up vines Jumping up & back while climbing Configurable sneaking Alternative swimming Alternative diving Alternative flying Faster sprinting Side & Back jumps Charged jumps Wall jumping Head jumps Crawling Sliding For more information look at this video:
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