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  1. the server that is hosting my server is suffering some difficulties. server is offline right now, and will be unable to play for now. Sorry for the inconvenience, i will post it in here if it is all fixed.
  2. Fun & chill server for people that love Minecraft and wish to play this modpack with others. There will be no map resets; we believe that there’s no fun in resetting the map. IP Address: teamnation.mcph.co Plugins: None Rules: 1. Most important: No rule bending; a rule is a rule, no excuses 2. Have FUN 3. RESPECT Others - No Bullying - No Griefing - No Stealing - Don’t make fun of another player’s creativity 4. Player vs. Player - Only if both players/parties agree to battle - Taking a killed player’s grave is not permitted - Respect their decision if they choose not to fight - Fri
  3. Mate i saw you attack of the B-team whitelist server and i was wondering if its still going and if i can join it? please reply as soon as possible

  4. Sorry guys forgot to tell the people on the server the server IP changed too
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