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  1. the server that is hosting my server is suffering some difficulties. server is offline right now, and will be unable to play for now. Sorry for the inconvenience, i will post it in here if it is all fixed.
  2. Fun & chill server for people that love Minecraft and wish to play this modpack with others. There will be no map resets; we believe that there’s no fun in resetting the map. IP Address: teamnation.mcph.co Plugins: None Rules: 1. Most important: No rule bending; a rule is a rule, no excuses 2. Have FUN 3. RESPECT Others - No Bullying - No Griefing - No Stealing - Don’t make fun of another player’s creativity 4. Player vs. Player - Only if both players/parties agree to battle - Taking a killed player’s grave is not permitted - Respect their decision if they choose not to fight - Friends messing around and killing each other is permitted 5. Don't ask for things like TP, Op, Time set, etc. (it’s not happening, this is a survival server of fairness) 6. NO Spam - No excessive chat entries within a certain amount of time - Keep the cussing on the low although it’s somewhat allowed - Don’t type anything irrelevant and unneeded 7. Advertising - Don’t mention other servers/IPs - Posting on YouTube is allowed Why so many rules? -We want to make this a fun environment for everyone! Consequences? - You get 2 chances - First time, you are warned - Second time, you are kicked Server Application: In-Game Name: Age: Why do you want to play on this server: What DO you like to do (Build, Mine, etc.): What DON’T you like to do: Experience with modpack (1-10): What's your favorite anime character (if you watch)? If you found 100 dollars on the floor, what would you do with it? Thanks! Hope you join us in the journey of fun and awesomeness on Attack of the B-Team!
  3. Mate i saw you attack of the B-team whitelist server and i was wondering if its still going and if i can join it? please reply as soon as possible

  4. Sorry guys forgot to tell the people on the server the server IP changed too
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