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  1. Hello Community! I'm still searching for people who want to play on my Attack of the Bteam Server. At the moment we are 3 active guys on the server. But we have ten slots and still space for you. We are all from germany but we speak english too. It's a simple survival server only with the vanilla mods and NO PlugIns. I only want, that you play fair and that you dont grief. You can build where you want, you can use every mod you want. Do what you want to do. If you want to join, fill the points below: -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Hallo Community, da mir jetzt ein 10 Slot Server von einem sehr netten Menschen zur verfügung gestellt wurde, suche ich jetzt noch ein paar nette Leute, die bock haben Attack of the Bteam zu spielen! Das alles soll OHNE Anti-grief PlugIns funktionieren. Deshalb erwarte ich auch nur, dass fair gespielt wird. Bevor ich zu den Vorrausetzungen komme, gebe ich ein wenig über mich preis: Ich heiße Nico, bin 17 Jahre alt. Ich spiele AOTBT sied ca. 4 Monaten und es ist mein absolutes lieblings modpack. AOTBT kenne ich durch den Youtuber Keralis. Momentan habe ich viel Zeit mich dem zocken zu widm
  3. Name : Nico Username : nico_1234 Skype : nico_12344 Age: 17 2 reasons why do you like to play AOTBT : I like witchery and ive watched too much Keralis and ChimneySwift.
  4. IGN: nico_1234 Why should i pick you? : Because I want to play with a small group of players. I think AOTB is the best modpack ever for MC and I know how to play it. And at the moment I have so much time to play it. Are you a good builder? : Yes, I think so. I hate ugly buildings. I can only live in buildings that I build. Have you ever got banned from another server before? : nope. How old are you? : I'm 17 years old. PS: Im from germany, but my english is well. I would like to talk to you, if we play together. At the moment Ive summer holidays. Thats why Ive so much time. My favo
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