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  1. IGN: Nitsuj311 First Name: Justin Skype: Nitsuj311 Age: 23 Most importantly write a paragraph about what you want to do or would enjoy doing on the server or in AotBT: Oh geez a paragraph? How cheesy is that? I want to be on an active server with a mature group without having it go down in a week. Hopefully with more Americans this time around (just the time zone difference, not racism lol).
  2. IGN: Nitsuj311 Age (Be truthful!): 23 What makes you want to join this server? AotBT is fun What could you bring to the server? Cookie Skype - I will ask for it if accepted so we can make a server chat out of game. How active will you be on the server? Daily
  3. 23... Nitsuj311.. Um. Hi? Lol Would like to record / have people to record with
  4. IGN Nitsuj311 and BoneZ177 Age (Be truthful!) 23 and 26 What makes you want to join this server? Mad skills yo and 18+ is always nice What could you bring to the server? Read last answer
  5. My internet was out for a few weeks through the moving process.. I KNOW you guys missed me but I'm back lol so come on lets get the server back to 2-5 regulars lol
  6. IGN: Nitsuj311 Age: 23 Skype: Nitsuj311 (I think?) In game skills: Mad YouTube(if you have one): --- Why you feel you should be accepted: Lookin' for a new server since the last one I was on went under
  7. Most likely related to: https://mojang.com/2014/04/heartbleed/ None of my servers work atm either "End of Stream"
  8. 1: Minecraft Name Nitsuj311 2: What country do you live in? Lansing, Michigan, USA 3: Will you be uploading to YouTube, if so what is your YouTube channel? Possibly, have given YouTube more than one thought. 4: How many times a week do you plan to be on? Er'day 5: How old are you (You do not have to post on the forum if you do not want, send it to me in a private message!) 23 6: Do you accept the rules of the server? Yup 7: Do you agree to not steal from other players? Yup
  9. Ingame Name: Nitsuj311 Age: 23 Why you want to join: Have some fun of course Skype: (Don't remember off the top of my head) How well do you know this mod pack: Moderately. Do you agree to the rules? Yup.
  10. What is your in game name? Nitsuj311 Why would you like to join our server? 17+, Love the mature server feeling How old are you? 23 What can you bring to the server? Some nice builds, hopefully community based. Some laughs. Pizza. Are you Friendly? Not one bit Can you take a joke? About as well as I can give them. Can you tell when someone is joking about? Nope /sarcasm (see what I did there?)
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