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  1. aspiregames.no-ip.org:55555 whitelist removed Now Running [1.0.9c] Welcome To AspireGames This is a serer which is part of the AspireGames HIVE This server has a freindly and possitive atmosphire our website is now live it will appear here at aspiregames.us The IP is : aspiregames.no-ip.org:55555 The TS IP : aspiregames.no-ip.org I hope To See You Online! Server Specs: 64GB Ram 8 Core 2 Prossesor 4.8GHz Prossesers! This Is A Dedicated Server Which Means That There Will Be Minimal LAG and 24/7 Uptime! Any More Questions Feel Free To Contact me at [email protected], Ingame Or On Our Forums/Chat On Our Site Now A Little Bit About Plugins: So We Have Gone For The Minimal Amount Of Plugins Option, Some of The Plugins Stated Below! .Factions .Universal NOLAGG .Essentials Minions and AirShips Have Been removed, They Will Be Re-Added If/When Fixed So.. Enough Chit Chat I Will See You Online! WhiteList As Below Age: What Will I Bring To The Server?: i will all-ways try to respond ASAP -Aspire
  2. we are trialing the removal of airships let us know if this has improved the spikes!
  3. This is a Raid PvP Server, no rules have been broken, however no need to leave over it, sad to see a regular leave. best of luck!
  4. ok so the server has now been running 24hr! weldone to all my staff
  5. ./vote is currently not working so please use the links provided here is the Two Vote Links http://tinyurl.com/out449o and http://tinyurl.com/voteforaspire1
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