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  1. Youre too young and not mature enough for the type of server we run, sorry
  2. Put the config folder from custom config into the attack of the b-team mod in the technic folder. Then you should be able to join.
  3. Hi Im currently running a 70 player server which is up 24/7. We have a custom config and 11 Extra mods. We have all the mods that are in AOTBT, but to make easier for people to play we made our own custom pack that has extra mods, and it will be kept up to date with new mods every so often. No stealing. No griefing. No killing for no reason. Yes you can prank people but no over the top pranks. Also we are mature and do curse and swear a good bit. We would rather have people join over the age of 17+. Add the GameCrashers Mod Pack to your Technic Launcher with this link: http://www.technic
  4. *Who are you? I'm MrSmallZzy *Where are you from? I'm from Ireland, UK *How old are you? 19 *Why do you want to play on our server? I'm currently looking to play on your server because it sounds like yous are all mature and I need a mature server to start a new Minecraft series on, instead of playing FTB all the time. Just looking to relax and have fun basically without any nobs running about. *What do you think you can offer our server? I'm great at building and construction. I would also be a valuable asset to building a Moonbase. *Who was your favorite power ranger? The yellow one, I
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