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  1. Mr.Giggles the application approval process shouldn't take more than 24 hours. Everyone who has posted an application should hear something by tonight. Every new person has to be voted in.
  2. Not taking any new members at this time. Server IP: Will be posted once whitelist get applied. Server rules: *No griefing *No spamming *No asking for OP, Ranks, or Items *No builds near spawn *No using exploits *No harassing other players *Respect all players No items are banned yet Plugins: Server is brand new. I will update this once we get plugins installed We are a group of Minecraft players who have been playing together for about a year. We are wanting some new players to join us for the new modpack. We have a facebook group that we use to communicate about the serv
  3. Do you have skype? Could you get vent? I know your mic doesn't work but there is a chat you can use.

  4. Come in vent and meet us.

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