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  1. Sorry for late announcement on this.. The server is now up! We hope with the great community we have made so far can increase and we are extremely excited to see the newcomers . If anyone has any in-game issues etc.. Do come and ask me on our website www.KingdomsCity.com Thank you for reading and we hope to see you in-game!
  2. I'll see what I can do about this for you. Please report this to a staff member when they are online. Or please msg me on the forums the cords of the grief. www.kingdomscity.com
  3. Thank you for all the applications! So far we have a nice group of players spaced over different timezones :). I've also accepted the latest people on this page.
  4. Have you tried joining with the ip legends.kingdomscity.com ? Just updated server to version 1.0.7!
  5. May be a tad offtopic but at you tmans brother? Or are you a different person and I've accepted you and kerobro
  6. You have been accepted and what It means by ranks is not asking for promotions before you qualify for them.
  7. Great to see all these applications in just a few hours! I'm hoping we can build a great little community for this whitelisted Tekkit Legends server
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