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  1. What is your IGN (in game name)? techdawgv How long have you been playing modded minecraft for? 3-4 years. Are you familiar with this modpack? I have used most of the mods before. Have you ever been banned from any server? (If so for what reason) I have never been banned from a server. Have you read the rules on the rule page? Yes Anything else you want to share? I have played a lot of tekkit classic.
  2. IGN) techdawgv Age) 14 Location) United States How long have you been playing Minecraft) I have been playing for about 3 years, and have played modded since a few months after that. What keeps you playing Minecraft?) I keep playing because it never gets old with everything the community adds to it.
  3. I tried setting a home on my space station, and after a little while it said "Invalid World", which I assume means my space station unloads and you can't teleport to it, but the real problem is I left my rocket on the space station and teleported down, so I have no way to get my rocket back. I was wondering if it was possible for an admin to go to my space station so I can teleport there, because a rocket is one of the most expensive things in the game, so I would appreciate it if I were saved the trouble. EDIT: It has been solved
  4. *Your in-game name: techdawgv *What do you think about the server?: Its the best Attack of the B-Team server i have played on. *Is there anything we could improve on the server?: You could add the /back command after you teleport, and you could protect modded stuff in claims, but I understand that may not be possible with the plugins.
  5. I have been playing on this server but now every time I join my client crashes. Guess I will have to switch thats too bad this was my favorite B Team server.
  6. *Who are you? techdawgv (that's my IGN) *Where are you from? I'm from Seattle *How old are you? 14 *Why do you want to play on our server? I'm looking for a good whitelisted server to play this modpack. *What do you think you can offer our server? I'm an active player and a good builder, back in the tekkit days I built a flying castle and an underwater fortress. *Who was your favorite power ranger? All of them (IDK, i've never watched the show).
  7. you are keeping this up to date right? so this will have all the things that are broken and stuff will disappear off here when its fixed?
  8. Hey techdawgv, we are checking the extreme lag problem you've got on the moment at your home set point. Please, if you read this or come online, than try to contact us and tell us exactly what you've build, so we can figure it out. OK, hope you're up to speed soon. TotalProgress (DeusEx)

  9. I know you don't except everyone, I would like to know why you didn't except me though.
  10. IGN: techdawgv Age: 13 Skype(optional): I don't have a camera on my computer. Tekkit Experience(1-10): 6 Time Zone: PST (Seattle, WA) (United States) How much do you plan on playing per day:1 hour, maybe less maybe more. The build you are most proud of: A secret underground base. Why do you think this server is right for you? I have been looking for a tekkit server with no economy, where I can just have fun playing.
  11. IGN: techdawgv TIMEZONE: PST (Seattle, WA) AGE:hmm... EXPERIENCE: 3 months of playing tekkit REASON TO JOIN: looking for a new server to play on and this one caught my eye
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