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  1. You have to give it permissions. etc. I have the same error though. You must /op [BuildCraft] for example if you are using PEX, you must also /pex user [BuildCraft] add * I know you must do these two things but mine are not working either.
  2. I'm seeking a new spawn build on my Tekkit Classic server, I'd like someone who has plenty of experience with a portfolio to show me. I am seeking not only a spawn but potentially original MobArenas as well. Builds will be paid for based on a negotiation. I am looking for a medieval theme.
  3. Opened the shop world! Players can buy a plot of land and run their own shops!
  4. Welcome to the last server listing you will ever need! This is FuryTekkit. With a staff that has been creating successful servers for two years straight, and a drive to be the best, welcome home! This server is based around the mechanics of Tekkit and allows players to build as they please without the risk of griefers! All blocks that are banned are for the benefit of the player. FuryTekkit - tekkit.furyserver.com Plugins: GriefPrevention AutoRank Essentials PEX TekkitRestrict TekkitCustomizer WorldEdit WorldGuard Rules: Keep it friendly, every swears but let's try to not flame.
  5. Is this possible? I would greately appreciate it if someone could share this information on if this is possible and how it is achieved.
  6. Figured the issue out, for anyone having the same issue the ID's must be listed and only full item ID's nothing such as 207:8 Or even 207:*, just 207 and that covers every sub-ID for that ID. Example: Mods: BlockIdsRequiringAccessTrust: - 126 - 128 - 134 - 137 - 138 - 130 - 150 - 161 - 169 - 177 - 181 - 183 - 187 - 188 - 192 - 194 - 207 - 208 - 209 - 211 - 211 - 211 - 211 - 211 - 211 - 213 - 215 - 216 - 223 - 225 - 227 - 246 - 250 - 253 - 254
  7. I'm running Tekkit 1.3.2 and I attempt to edit the config yml. I set lock doors to true and add item IDs to the container trust list. I then restart or reload the server to set it in to effect and the config file resets itself to default. Is this a known issue? Is there a fix?
  8. I have hosted many servers in the past from WoW, to RSPS, to garrysmod, and obviously tekkit/MC. I am looking to start up a small tekkit server and see where it goes. Most plugin configuration is done and I have started builds on my own, but building is not my forte. I am seeking someone who knows their way around tekkit, the GriefPrevention plugins and has a general level of maturity. I will post a quick application below to see who is interested as well with my skype. Please read over it and answer truthfully, do not waste my time. The server is already on a dedicated host and I would li
  9. camurro9, Accepted! I'm excited to have like-minded players! Oh lord, I caught your colors...
  10. We are updated and back live with a new set-up and a new goal. We WILL be going live, and non-whitelisted eventually. For now we are casual and will have a forum website set in place so players can help "Beta test" and report back on bugs. successful bug reports will be rewarded! FuryTekkit - tekkit.furyserver.com Plugins: GriefPrevention AutoRank Essentials PEX TekkitRestrict TekkitCustomizer WorldEdit WorldGuard Rules: Keep it friendly, every swears but let's try to not flame. Please check with an admin before using world anchors or any other type of chunk loaders. CLEAN YOUR B
  11. For anyone in this oh, so helpful community who needs the fix; Here is the download http://dev.bukkit.org/media/files/603/606/Towny_Advanced.zip In the towny folder in the config.yml, the third setting down is allow out dated versions. Set this to true.
  12. I have tried two sources for a Towny jar and the commands for Towny are loaded as null. The command /towny has no output and when I type /help towny, all commands are null.. Anyone run across this? have a working jar? Thanks in advanced.
  13. General Information: Server IP: furyserver.com Server Website: http://furyserver.com Uptime: 24/7 Mods Removed: None! About Us: Here, at Furyservers, we have been running all types of minecraft and other private servers for over five years. We have a general Idea how things should be handled, and always try to be fair. Our staff is here to help our players, not hurt them. This particular Voltz server was launched May, fifth, and is run 24/7. We currently have a small community of players who play, and are always looking for more dedicated players! Come join us, and see what Fury
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