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  1. I was trying to figure this out too, didnt even think about nvidia. I removed mods 10 by 10 until the problem fixed, then readded from the 10 until it broke again. I narrowed it down to the following mods: NEI, Chicken core & lib, Forge microblocks & Voxel minimap. For some reason if you just remove the forge mods and leave the minimap mod, it crashes java. If you remove all of the listed mods, the modpack loads just fine. I rolled back my GPU driver and now everything works perfectly fine - pretty strange.
  2. This doesnt work, it just forces the server to generate a fresh config value for the blank spot (1004) which causes a crash on startup as it conflicts with another mod -- and if it didnt crash, clients wouldnt be able to join as their clients have the ID set to 715 Fix2 would work, but Im not good at MCEdit and I dont know if you can just type in a block to remove and have it run a scan on that ID. I have a server with a few thousand players so it'd be hard to find each DNA breeder
  3. The thing about servers is they bring in donations which could help pay for things. It doesnt take much to rent a server from OVH, I have two servers @OVH with 64GB ram each machine with a fair CPU for a pretty reasonable price. Although running a proper server is near impossible unless you have 24 hours a day to dedicate to the server and removing half the mods. I have a Tekkit server that corrupts its map at least once a week due to quarries
  4. Updated the server to 3.0.3 Also added loads of new ranks Charmeleon Charizard Ivysaur Venusaur Wartortle Blastoise GymLeader 1-8 Elite4 (1-4) To check the ranks type /ranks ingame to rankup type /rankup <rankname>
  5. I can edit 2/3 of my packs just fine but when I go to edit the 3rd one (Here) it gives me a error message: '> any clue why? I've been trying to update for the last 3 days. It was something in my pack description, once i removed it it let me save. Fixed
  6. Server IP: Tekkit.superfuntime.org About us: Super Fun Time is a gaming community established in 2010. Our main focus is Minecraft but we provide a multitude of other gameservers for our users. Come check us out at Our Website. Forums: http://www.superfuntime.org/ Rules: Didnt build it? Don't touch it. No advertising of anything Be respectful, no flaming or flame baiting Information about the Server: This is my first forge ever I ever setup, I can't remember when I set it up. I'm thinking 2-3 years ago -- was around when tekkit first released, the server is stable and it's pretty secure agaisnt griefing -- all you need to do is protect your stuff. We use Worldguard. Server Hardware: The server is only 32 slots, but can easily get much more. It has 32GB ram with an i5 2500k CPU. Once we fix one of our machines we will be moving it to a much more powerful host. Useful commands you may need: /home set - Sets your home /home - Returns you to your home /home invite <player> - Invites the player to your home /warp create <name> - Creates a warp to that point so you can return later /warp private <name> - This makes your warp private so only you and those you choose has access /warp invite <name> - invites players to your private warps /donate - Provides a link to our donation shop
  7. So will everyone start fresh on runs/dls? I have mediafire stats that shows my downloads (unique/total) as for runs I can't get that but its probably over 350k
  8. The reason for wanting more pack slots is because currently I have 1 really big pack and another fair sized one. The 3rd pack slot is reserved for a hidden "test" pack so I can test updates before updating the other two. Maybe you can do a system where you can unlock pack slots based on popularity or +1's Over all, good responses. Quite excited to see where this goes. Slightly off topic - My main pack stats (runs/downloads) has never worked, so will that mean my pack is going to be out of luck for the new rating system?
  9. Would the ad show up ingame or just on the launcher? if it's on the launcher that'd be fine with me. Some ideas: Free users: Max 3 modpacks in the system Smaller fizesize limits for images/logo Premium Users: Max of 6 modpacks in the system Larger filesize limits for images/logo Usage of animated backgrounds for their packs Other cool customization stuff for platform page (nothing that will break the sites theme) No advertisements Sponsored packs: Either for a flat fee, or weekly bids you could auction off 5 slots to have your modpack always on the top of the page (like minestatus does, but with our packs instead and hopefully not as expensive) I'd also love to see broken/nonworking packs set to hidden so they're taken off the list of "top rated" because it's annoying to see so many dead/not working packs with angry players in the discussion. Just some random thoughts/suggestions. E: Sorry if this isn't the place for it, I saw the post mention costs running Technic and had some ideas of things I'd pay for.
  10. Seems 1.2.8c has a crashing issue with Harvesters, so I downgraded the server until I can look into it and confirm if its on my end or the modpack, but I'm not sure. Experienced the crash with a fresh world.
  11. Uhm I can talk to our Admins and see what can be done. Server updated to 1.2.8C
  12. I'm working on a new rankup system with new ranks and tiered Gym Leader ranks. Also going to add the Elite 4, but you have to apply for/be hand picked to be an elite 4.
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