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  1. Thank you both very much! I will be checking it tonight to see if it works.
  2. This problem has just started to happen. Tekkit (and presumably all modpacks) ran fine last night. Today, I updated my Nvidia GPU and swapped from the 32 bit java to 64 bit. Upon launching, I found I could not launch any modpack what-so-ever. The launch would hide itself and after a moment, it would come back, having not even launched Minecraft. Vanilla and optifine work well, if that helps find the problem. PasteBin logs from one failed run: http://pastebin.com/p1ANF4cM If I need to put anything else here, please ask and I will. Thank you.
  3. this might be partly my fault because i have a bad habbit of using direct connect when joinning a server, because when i looked at what the server title it said " down time _____ ". but it was about 10:15 on friday.
  4. as soon as I joined I was told "I wish you choke in my sleep and die, you bitch." I can't remember who said it, but unfortenly I will not be joining your server.
  5. dear edgenx, I play ont this server how ever it seems that I've gooten stuck through a teleport glitch. if this gets fixed before you read this I will take down the post. I wil be on everyother weekend. please help just fixed it self
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