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  1. IndustrialStorm mc.industrialstorm.org http://api.technicpack.net/modpack/industrialstorm-server-modpack http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/industrialstorm-server-modpack.610956 About us We are a small community of long time server owners and players. Over our history we have owned several modpack-based servers due to the the wonderful community that they create. We have hosted a Tekkit Lite, Feed the Beast Unleashed, Direwolf20, and Minigames server network. All of these met to varying success, but each time we loved the community we formed. Recently, however, we have had the urge to create
  2. Thanks guys, I got the latest Cauldron version and everything worked well.
  3. Hello! I am currently working very hard to bring back my server called "TerraTekkit". I am using a custom modpack. There is a problem however which is the following text in the modpack rules: Specifically, section 2 is a problem. I was going to call my pack "TerraTekkit Modpack", however the rules do not allow it. This post is half asking for an exception to that rule and half asking for another solution to this problem (I can't think of any other names that accurately link the pack to the server).
  4. Hello Technic! I am currently attempting to setup a server for a custom modpack that includes CofhCore and many dependencies. I'd rather not have to remove all of COFH's mods. I tried downgrading to several older versions but the same error shows up. I'm sure that someone else managed to get it working and I am interested in what that solution was.
  5. I'm pretty sure that you will need an account to view that .
  6. Hello Technic! When I started my launcher, I got a white screen but as I clicked on various components on the window they became visible. In this way, I managed to log in and get it setup. Now, I need to get it to work 100% correctly. Here is a screenshot of the bug before I click around: Here is a screenshot of the bug after I click around (notice how significant portions of the launcher still refuse to paint): Notes: - I am using Fedora 21 x64 - I have tried Oracle JDK 7 x64, OpenJDK 8 x64, Oracle JRE 8, and Oracle JDK 8 - I am a Java developer, and it looks like t
  7. Title says it all, just vote for which modpack you like the most. For those wondering, I want this data so I can choose a modpack to switch my server to to get the most players, so if you have advice there feel free to share!
  8. Hey guys! Were going to be switching to a new budget soon! More details here.
  9. We've got some new features in the works! Hopefully they will be released soon! Lets just say they have to do with faction claims, and that they will very much deter rule breakers.
  10. Thank you for the complments! I encourage you to donate, hopefully that pay check comes soon . I agree that we need a bigger community, I am just unsure how to get that. As for the downgrades, I have been looking for a cheaper host, but since I already did that about 6 months ago, we are already running on the best deal I can find ($24/95 a/mo for 8gb ram), and I simply haven't seen any other hosts that would be able to handle modded minecraft like this at a fairish price.
  11. We are currently extreamly low on funds! Plese donate here to help keep this server up and running!
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