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  1. Is there actually a way to do that, or do you mean to write a new mod for each little script?
  2. With Cauldron and MCPC+ being effectively dead (not quite sure whether they were the same thing or not), I'm guessing that those setting up a new server have to rely on finding mods to perform the roles that plugins used to. Since I may end up having to set up a new server in the next few days when the one I've been working for goes down, I find myself in that boat. So, since I don't have the time to write new mods myself in four days, I'll ask y'all. Basically, I'm looking for mod replacements for some of the old standard plugins: PreciousStones (land claiming) PermissionsEx CoreProtect (block/interaction logger) Skript (Scripting) Multiverse (Add dimensions) Anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Yipe. Thought you said you were gonna "fix" the lycanites spawns. Lobbers and Afrits at ground level? That was scary. I also can't seem to get /gamerule keepInventory to work. I've edited the Project Zulu config to turn off the graves but my stuff still goes flying when I snuff it.
  4. Not sure if it's a bug, or someone's just sadistic, but the Pharaoh boss from ProjectZulu is spawning on its own (without placing the summon). In groups of up to 5 or more. In deserts AND in the nether. Pretty brutal.
  5. Hey Skuli, Is there something we can do to fix Waila locally while we wait for the next update? I never realized how spoiled I was until I had to disable it because of the spawner crashes. Also: A possible alternative to "Flesh to leather" (or whatever the rotten flesh smelting mod was called)
  6. Have my mindcrafty-block-shaped babies. This is truly awesome.
  7. Mine often drop down to 0 (hard lock). It generally only lasts for a few seconds to a minute, but it's pretty often. In my case, I think it's ruins.
  8. Those ore elementals suck to a new miner with stone tools... apparently you can spawn a gold elemental from a block of coal ore. That made me dead very fast. I think it might be bspkrscore having a problem with the client, but the console becomes extremely spammy. Over and over and over and over... I was able to fix it by editing config/bspkrsCore.cfg and editing B:showMainMenuMobs=true to B:showMainMenuMobs=false
  9. It's been awhile since I looked at the base code, now that forge has changed its setup so it doesn't include MCP, and my old-man memory isn't what it used to be, so prepare your grains of salt... but I seem to remember, while trying to mellow out the skellies' "machine-gun" upgrade a little bit, that their bow AI had its own class, which could be reassigned on spawn... might have involved reflections... I could be wrong, but I think it took this long for enough of the "core" hexxit mods to get working 1.6.4 versions to bother making a new version.
  10. It is possible, but tricky, to overwrite mob AI without changing the core code. I suspect it may be Better Archery, since it also arms the skeletons with even better bows and potion arrows (like that's what they needed. ) I'll test it out real quick... Confirmed. After disabling BetterArchery, skeletons now happily follow me around corners again instead of standing pat and waiting for me to poke my head out to be ventilated again. With the mod, they DO move, but much more "decisively", so I think it's an "improvement" rather than an unintended bug, even if it does make the damn things far too overpowered, IMO.
  11. No idea what you did wrong, but that error means it can't find the mod. Nothing on the mod page says you should put it in the coremods folder, so I'm not sure why you did that. There's no real appreciable difference between getting it to work for client/server these days, since even SSP runs a local "internal server" for some time now.
  12. We wish. That's a fairly common problem (even seems to cross modpacks - something very similar happens in ABT). The current workarounds both use MCEdit: Either: Use MCEdit to move your player away from the corrupted chunk, and don't go back over there. Or Use MCEdit to select and delete the corrupted chunk, and hope that it doesn't re-corrupt when it regenerates. (This is generally only useful if the crash log includes sufficient info to identify the chunk in question - doesn't look like yours did)
  13. You installed the API wrong. http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1278132-thebombzens-mods#FAQs
  14. I found a line of 12. Yes, 12. Amen, Brother. So, here's a new one. I had an Ancient Warfare "Lookout Tower" thing disappear on me. Literally. I had just started a new run (seem to be doing that a lot lately!) and wasn't geared up to deal with it, so I waypointed it and kept moving to find wool/a bed. When I found it, I went back, and boom: no tower. Luckily, I happened to be using this run as a test run of my capture software, so I caught the entire run through in video. Relevant parts: Original Discovery: ~5:00 Shocking Return: ~14:15 Audio is NSFW, and not really necessary to demonstrate the mysterious disappearing watchtower.
  15. (Sorry if this is the wrong section: I seem to remember seeing that Platform Pagoda is the place for help on custom modpacks) The relevant mods in the pack are ChocolateQuest/BetterDungeons and Mystcraft - latest 1.6.4 version. I'm trying to make a private modpack for some friends from our ABT server, and I'm hitting a bit of a wall. I'm trying to set up the loot tables for CQ/BD dungeons, but I can't figure out how to add Mystcraft pages - BD chest tables work based on item IDs, but if I add the item ID, I just get a "blank page". Has anyone had any luck with making this work? I'd rather not yank Mystcraft, since I was looking forward to finally getting it to try it, but with the modified worldgen and multiple players, getting pages is going to be an exercise is masochism...
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