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  1. Have you ran the pack under a different version and then changed it to another version of the pack or have you made any edits to the mods within the pack yourself?
  2. Please note that the provided batch file from AetherPirate will forcefully terminate any javaw.exe processes running and clear the _JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable. This may be undesirable, if you wish to manually do the edit, follow these instructions, note in Step 4 it will have "-Xmx:1024M" in your case. Edit Environmental Variables in Windows 10 and Windows 8 1) In Search, search for and then select: System (Control Panel) 2) Click the Advanced system settings link. 3) Click Environment Variables. In the section System Variables, find the _JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable and select it. Click Edit. 4) In the Edit System Variable (or New System Variable) window, remove the -Xmx java option. Click OK. Close all remaining windows by clicking OK. 5) Restart the game
  3. Without knowing his computer specs, including specific Java version, and if theres a crash with it eventually, very little help can be provided at this time.
  4. This error has been around for quite a while, those single quotation marks actually encapsulate a character which has proved to be a seemingly random non-display (system) character in the past which causes this crash to happen. As for the OP: It's highly recommended to delete the file or attempt to delete any characters at the very start of this file prior to any legible text
  5. If the above post doesn't work, you also may want to look back at downgrading to Java 7 and avoid earlier versions of Java 8, such as u20, as some mods and the LWJGL library may not fully support Java 8 at that particular version of the library.
  6. This issue may be the result of bad hardware or overheating issues that stem from an intensive application overheating the video card (or internal GPU depending on setup) that would cause the display drivers to fail and they would have to be reloaded by the OS. If its overheating, it should be shutting off completely, in which case you would be able to tell this by the lack of a fan running. If this issue happens in other games I would most definitely assume something is wrong hardware related rather than this particular pack.
  7. What is your FPS while on the server? What is it on a brand new single-player world (creative or survival, doesnt matter)? If your FPS is higher on the SP world and not this server, it could be related to the various blocks that are around where you spawn on the server and attempting to walk away may fix this. The flingy movement is often related to low FPS.
  8. Damn its been a while since ive been here, looks like a lot has changed.

    1. Munaus


      most of us hang in Discord now. :getin:

    2. EvilOwl


      > looks like a lot has changed

      yeah, we have more spam

  9. May have disappeared for a bit, but back to do things on the tracker again.

  10. Have they finally figured out their legal issues then...
  11. Like you would for any other modpack server - cauldron - which was taken down due to a DMCA last i knew and unsure what its legal status is. There's copies of it floating out there but last i knew the official source cannot legally host it anymore.
  12. Instead of relying on a team being made, why not just post the crash reports here in the platform pagoda when you come across them and I'm sure we'll be able to assist for the most part.
  13. All those witchery ingredients can be automated browser...isnt stupidly fast, but can be automated. The hardest things to get would be literally anything that could not be manufactured via automation - which isn't a whole lot. The highest costing items may be enderium ingots simply because of the process those have to go through to get all of the items, but still could be automated to a great extent. Here's a good price point: Archemede's ships, not 100% automated (could be done, but annoying to set it up properly) - but this has the downside of well, it being a damn giant ship of course and no one wants that for a currency base lol.
  14. Swear there was a solution in this thread or the >common issues and solutions one.
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