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  1. can restore my modpack please? for the love of God !

  2. Hello, i have noticed that Moderators can change the users nickname on the main site. I would like to know if that would be possible?

  3. want to play


  4. all my blocks are coming up black and see through so i can't play pixelmon? can someone please help me to fix this?

    1. Munaus


      we are not responsible for Pixelmon. Go to Pixelmon Discord and talk to the Pixelmon developers for help

    2. sxtty24


      how do i get there?


  5. We can merge accounts, so if you have a newer forum account it'll transfer all of our old posts, scores, etc.
  6. My name is GenPage and I approve these moderator messages!
  7. I have a problem with my technic launcher when I click a game and it load but all of a sudden it brings back to the same page. please help


  8. Hi I'm playing on a private server with my friends. On day I teleproted through the ground with my ninja dagger, then my hexxit crashed and everytime I want to join the server, my hexxit crashes :C. What should I do?

  9. Hey can't seem to post in any topics. Any ideas what is happening?


    1. nuclearNIX


      Nvm seems to be a bug popping in and out it works now.

  10. Do any of you red people know why messages randomly appear/disappear in threads? I say random, because it'd seem as if some people can see them whilst other can't. For example, I can't see my own posts in KJ but other can (I assume, since they replied to them). Is stuff overloaded or has the voodoo magic bots come to take revenge by spooking up the servers?

  11. Make sure you are downloading the launcher from here: 
  12. You need to reinstall Java, its most likely corrupted
  13. 2 spambots decided to spam your profile with viagra...

    I didn't know support monkeys were such bot magnets. they sure don't bark on my tree.

  14. What happened to the Kitty Jail? D: