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  1. We can merge accounts, so if you have a newer forum account it'll transfer all of our old posts, scores, etc.
  2. Make sure you are downloading the launcher from here: http://technicpack.net/download
  3. You need to reinstall Java, its most likely corrupted
  4. The reason for the "Undefined offset: 1" error is due to the fact that the git command Solder is trying to execute through PHP is not returning what it is suppose to. I have code in development to rectify this issue and many others. I'd like to note that Windows is not supported, meaning that support is not guaranteed for Solder on the Windows operating system. I have decided not to pursue Windows compatibility testing until later down the road to save myself the stress of trying to fix so many bugs.
  5. You do not need to update to show the Mod List. The Mod List was disabled due until it can be re-worked. When trying to bring up the mod list page, it was not processing optimally.
  6. You do not need to re-register. The update was a code update. No data was changed. Your previous accounts and modpacks should still be there.
  7. You do NOT need to re-register. You still have your accounts. It was just a code update to the site. No data was affected.
  8. Solder is a SERVER-side application. It is not intended to be run from a local machine.
  9. There is a folder in your tekkit modpack called "null". Rename it to "legacy" We are aware of the issue and working to resolve it
  10. Hey there, We are in the midst of updating the Platform site. You will experience issues and outages while he work behind the scenes. We hope to have the site up soon!
  11. A lot of the issues you guys were having is related to the way the beta site was implemented. We are beginning our update process and you will be able to login to the main site shortly
  12. http://technicpack.net is currently down. We are beginning our update process.
    1. challenje
    2. challenje


      well hope its fixed soon lol

  13. Buying featured spots is still under debate. However our new sorting algorithm for modpacks now show trending modpacksas well as most popular, newest, and most updated. I am using Java 8, Update 25. I tried re-downloading it, downloading other builds, downloading the Windows executable (that doesn't do anything when I double-click it), and I even tried downloading it using other browsers. Please right-click, save-as. The file should be 35MB in size. Any smaller and the file did not download properly. Also you downloaded the jar file. (.jar) which is primarily for linux. There is an .exe file. Here is the direct link: http://jenkins.technicpack.net:8080/job/LauncherV3/lastStableBuild/artifact/target/launcher-4.0-132.exe
  14. For people wanting to do translations, (If you know how to use Git/Github) Go here and fork the repo: https://github.com/TechnicPack/LauncherV3 and submit a Pull Request with your added translation Example PR: https://github.com/TechnicPack/LauncherV3/pull/10 (If not) Please PM me here on the forums. I will provide you with a blank translation file to translate. You will still be credited. Gen
  15. Yes. Solder is under development. Please join #platformbeta on SynIRC for bug reports/issues. We have been working on testing on Mac and Linux.
  16. 1) You can do this right now in the Mod Library, just click on the column header. Sorting by mod name in the modpack build selection will be fixed as well. 2) This sounds like a cool idea. 3) This expands on the latter part of 1. Overall good ideas and feedback! Thanks!
  17. Hey guys, you are right. It is a design limit. As you can already tell the current site is barely functioning under the weight of all the modpacks it currently has. When the limit was set, we figured that would be enough modpacks while at the same time keeping the system healthy. We never anticipated the popularity of the system. When Platform v2.0 is released, We will debate increasing the limit to five modpacks. However, performance of the Platform comes first. Now on that note, We will not support issues or troubleshoot launcher reports if it is discovered that this method is used to add a pack to the launcher. We are considering paid hosted instances of Solder to ease the difficulty of setup from the end user. However since money is involved, nothing has been decided. We have already pulled our original plan for launcher ads.
  18. try http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/modyssey.488394/edit this is the direct link to edit the modpack. Its possible you have something malformed in the settings, or saved invalid bbCode. Pack should still be usable on the Launcher.
  19. You could start with one of the official Technic server packs and then add/remove mods that way you are not starting from scratch
  20. I have posted on the MineOS forums that we have a tool that allows server owners/managers to download and unzip our modpacks. https://groups.google.com/d/msg/mineos/vflO3BYRAeY/l-DJJnrYHosJ It is a very useful and easy to use application, and should not be a problem with integration into other platforms. Topic post for the app is here: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  21. The +1 rating system will actually be going away in the near future with the release of Platform v2.
  22. The utility is now available through Python Packing system 'pip'. pip install TechnicServerCore --pre the "--pre" is because I have not released a stable build yet. This is platform indepedent and should be able to run from any system with Python and pip https://pypi.python.org/pypi/TechnicServerCore
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