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  1. I agree, Nothing better than a little friendly competition
  2. Why do you need empty folders? Minecraft will reconstruct folders it needs. Delete the empty folders. If that doesnt work, post your zip and I can take a look at it for you.
  3. @Deo3560: If you could post the console output/ or logs of the load. That would be a bit more helpful.
  4. I think this highlights fears in the community with some mod devs and why they choose to close their source code. I was just hoping it would be a more unique and creative idea than a CC spinoff. There are differences, I agree but not enough to convince people whole-heartily without trying the mod and I think that's what you should aim for. However in the end it'll be up to the community and a little competition/diversity didn't hurt anyone. I will definitely be trying this mod out.
  5. @GrnEyedDvl Also your issue with Tekkit Lite is invalid. It is an issue with IC2 and "seasonal code".
  6. What version of java are you running?
  7. ic2.core.IC2.onLivingSpecialSpawn has been crashing a lot of Tekkit Lite servers recently. This is due to corrupt code in IC2. The bug is reported as resolved here but no new info from Player has been reported. http://bt.industrial-craft.net/view.php?id=431 As a workaround change your server difficulty settings to Peaceful as this code method is triggered when mobs spawn. I will provide more info as I find it. Cheers
  8. Click on the gear in the upper right corner, what is the stable build number?
  9. Its an issue with IC2. The bug has been reported here: http://bt.industrial-craft.net/view.php?id=431 As a workaround, change the difficulty in your server config (Server.properties) to difficulty=peaceful. This cause mobs not to spawn which will not trigger IC2's corrupt code.
  10. Are you using the stable or beta build of the launcher?
  11. @GrnEyedDvl, I can understand you are frustrated but instead of ranting about the platform right off the bat, ask questions backed up with detailed reports to the problem you are experiencing. The way you have approached this issue is exactly what sct said Technic aims to provide a stable platform but they are not perfect. Things happen that they are unaware of. Please be a bit more considerate after all of the hard work they have done and make it easier/nicer when problems need to be brought to their attention. Otherwise you come across as a troll.
  12. Apparently I am 113 years old. Interesting. I must be immortal.

    1. ShadowFall


      gen I just started this account and im just wondering can I use this accout on the technic launcher?

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