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  1. OpenComputers 1.5.21 is out! TIS-3D integration and an update to the Lua 5.3 libs. But most importantly: a Minecraft 1.8.8 build! As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download for MC1.7.10 Download for MC1.8 Download for MC1.8.8 Added: TIS-3D integration.Changed: New Lua 5.3 libraries.
  2. OpenComputers 1.5.20 is out! Bunch of fixes, some small additions. This will probably the last 1.5 version (unless breaking bugs pop up), I'll now focus on 1.6. As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download for MC1.7.10 Download for MC1.8 Added: compareStackToDatabase to inventory controller upgrade and transposer.Added: Converter to expose enchantment info of item stacks.Added: French localization of the ingame manual (Pyeroh).Added: German localization of the ingame manual (Shadow1Raven).Added: Setting to disable light emission of hologram projectors.Changed: Updated to new Forestry API.Fixed: Break speed of ForgeMultipart-ified cables.Fixed: Hoverboots applying slowness debuff when power usage is disabled.Fixed: Incompatibility with Chisel allowing chiseling chests into ender chests.Fixed: Missing NBT check when merging item stacks collected by agents after breaking a block.Fixed: Nanomachines not working in dimensions other than the overworld.Fixed: Potential crash when using OC's commands.Fixed: Potential crash with multiple chargers and chargees.Fixed: Potential overflow when using stupidly large file system sizes in the config.Fixed: Slightly higher latency in relays than intended.
  3. OpenComputers 1.5.19 is out! All the small things... As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download for MC1.7.10 Download for MC1.8 Added: Capability for redstone component to read comparator input.Added: Crashed machines (computers, MCUs and servers) will now blink their power indicator red, instead of just turning it off.Added: Disk usage program for OpenOS (payonel).Added: Initial BuildCraft Builder compatibiltiy (once BC 7.2 releases).Added: Nanomachine configurations can now be saved to a nanomachine item in the player's inventory.Added: Option to specify from which side to interact with inventories when using the inventory controller (for "sneaky" insertion/extraction, as it's often called).Added: RotaryCraft integration for Jetpacks (additional item stack information) (Voidi).Added: Signal when content of tank upgrades changes.Changed: Alias utility for OpenOS (potentially breaking) (payonel).Changed: Made cd program more POSIX compliant (payonel).Changed: Nanomachines now change their address when a new set is consumed.Fixed: Compatibility issue with Magnanimous Tools.Fixed: Compatibility issue with Sponge.Fixed: Debug card's NBT editing not working in non-dev.Fixed: Potential (non-crashing) NPE in crafting event handler.Fixed: Robots refusing to fly over the void, even with a T2 hover upgrade.Fixed: Shell tab completion for ./ (payonel).Fixed: Some recipes using item names instead of oredict names (specifically, oredict names of items not by default registered in the oredict).
  4. OpenComputers 1.5.18 is out! Rotating holograms, fixes, and most importantly: Nanomachines, son! As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download for MC1.7.10 Download for MC1.8 Added: Nanomachines, an energy based buff / effect system.Added: Arbitrary rotation for tier two hologram projectors, static and animated.Added: Transposer can be used as an upgrade in Microcontrollers.Changed: Improved tab completion behavior in shell (payonel).Changed: Drones must now be "itemized" by sneak-activating them with a wrench (instead of bare-handed). Sneak-activating them otherwise powers them on now, like most other devices. This now allows robots/drones to start drones.Fixed: Potential dupe bug when having robots use ExU drums.Fixed: Behavior of os.time / os.date.Fixed: Some more non-critical internal stuff.Fixed: Potential NPE when robots tried to use the analyzer.Fixed: Render issues with certain items when held by robots.[MC1.8] Fixed: Lighting issue when hovering GUI buttons.Edit: Please get the hotfix, fixes a potential crash and a logic error in agent inventories. Sorry! Edit 2: Obviously, right after I push out the first hotfix, there's another critical issue... make sure you have hotfix 2, please.
  5. OpenComputers 1.5.16 1.5.17 is out! Switches and Access Points are deprecated by the Relay, and the Transposer says hello! As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download for MC1.7.10 Download for MC1.8 Added: Transposer block, allows computer controlled moving of items or fluids between adjacent blocks.Added: AgriCraft integration (LordJoda).Added: Better Records integration.Added: Method to switch CPU architecture automatically (will cause reboot if it changed).Added: Parameter in gpu.bind to disable resolution reset (makkarpov).Changed: Switches and Access Points are now deprecated, replaced by the Relay, which is basically a switch with a card slot and can be upgraded to support wireless (i.e. behave like an Access Point) or even using a Linked Card.Changed: Updated plan9k loot disk (Magik6k).Fixed: Very rare issue with agents' inventory interaction (e.g. with AgriCraft Analyzer).Fixed: Some more minor issues.Note: please download 1.5.17 if you grabbed 1.5.16, it's a hotfix for a crash introduced in that version, sorry about that!
  6. OpenComputers 1.5.15 is out! Yet more bug fixes, tiered data cards, unmanaged mode for hard drives and floppies! As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download for MC1.7.10 Download for MC1.8 Added: Unmanaged mode for hard drives and floppies (treated as block devices / raw access).Added: Tiered data cards (makkarpov).Added: isEquivalentTo and areStacksEquivalent to inventory controller, allowing to check if items share an oredict id.Added: bit32 implementation in Lua 5.3 for backwards compat.Added: Also handle arbitrary number types in signals and return values.Added: Blacklist config for recipe inputs for disassembler. Default contains fire for chainmail blacklisting.Added: NBT editing functionality to Debug Card (gamax92).Changed: Use a non-invalid default dummy item in loot generator (may help with some mods accessing that directly).Fixed: computer.stopped message (resulting in sockets not being closed on shutdown, e.g.).Fixed: Overcompensating for dig time.Fixed: Potential crash when machines stopped unexpectedly.Fixed: Potential deadlock when machines get disposed while they're running.Fixed: Potential division by zero in manual.Fixed: Potential issue in AE2 integration.Fixed: Potential memory leaks in server racks.Fixed: Potential race conditions between ServerThread and ClientShutdownThread.Fixed: Spelling and grammar errors within the man pages (Shuudoushi).
  7. OpenComputers 1.5.14 is out! Metric ton of bug fixes, and a new block! As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download for MC1.7.10 Download for MC1.8 Added: Net Splitter block (connectivy configurable per side, all sides toggled on redstone input).Added: Can now click address in output of analyzer in chat to copy it to clipboard.Added: Command to spawn a creative computer with the basic stuff built-in, plus screen and keyboard (oc_spawnComputer).Added: Make hollow covers from FMP aware of cable sizes (Kubuxu).Added: Alternative OS plan9k loot disk (Magik6k).Added [MC1.8]: Power Advantage integration.Fixed: Properly make loot disks added via the save dir readonly.Fixed: Block recoloring when using tools from some mods.Fixed: Issues with Lua BIOS/OpenOS selecting components when another mod adds components with a name that starts the same as built-in components.Fixed: A bunch of issues with OpenOS' shell's piping logic (payonel).Fixed: Lighting issue with hover boots.Fixed: Assembler item renderer causing Colored Lights to freak out.Fixed: Screens blanking out until the first update in some cases. Hopefully.Fixed: Tons of more minor stuff.Fixed: Removed deprecated call in bee converter.Fixed: os.date() on certain dates.Fixed: screen.setTouchModeInverted() only applying to to main block of multiblock screens.Fixed: Initial redstone state of non-ticking blocks such as prints.
  8. OpenComputers 1.5.13 is out! With it comes the Lua 5.3 architecture as the second official and built-in architecture. That's not all, though, check the change log for more additions. As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download for MC1.7.10 Download for MC1.8 Added: Lua 5.3 architecture.Added: Data card, provides hashing algorithms and inflate/deflate (thanks Kubuxu).Added: 3D prints can now be configured to not be collidable, per state, increases print cost though.Added: Using an empty string as the texture for a 3D print shape will make it transparent.Added: Callback to AE2 interface driver to allow storing items in database upgrade.Added: ExtraCells integration (thanks DrummerMC).Added: Integration with BC7 Electronic Library to allow saving/loading EEPROMs (requires BC 7.0.9).Fixed: Interaction of robots and drones with trapped double-chests.Fixed: Neighbors of redstone emitting prints not updating in some scenarios.Fixed: Incorrect coordinates in mouse scroll event in scaled GUIs.Fixed: Off-by-one in os.date().Fixed: Command block driver now properly returns numeric value from executeCommand.Fixed: Potential NPE when initializing Microcontrollers.Fixed: Updated Project Red screwdiver implementation in Scrench.Fixed: Display position of hover boots while sneaking.Fixed: Drones producing step sounds when flying too low.Fixed: Behavior of /dev/null in robots.Fixed: A bunch of typos in the documentation.To use the Lua 5.3 architecture, shift-rightclick a CPU while holding it in your hand to cycle through available architectures until it says Lua 5.3 in the chat and/or expanded tooltip of the CPU. If you've been playing with a 1.5.13 dev-build (i.e. one you got from Jenkins), you'll have to manually set the option enableLua53 to true in your config, because it originally wasn't until I did some stability testing.
  9. OpenComputers 1.5.12 is out. Another bugfix release. As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download for MC1.7.10 Download for MC1.8 Added: Creative tier APU.Changed: Added geolyzer and navigation upgrade to creative tablet.Fixed: Client crash when placing server racks at y-level 0/255.Fixed: Hover upgrades being installable in devices where they made no sense.Fixed: Persistence issue with AE2 craftables (gotten via controller/interface next to adapter).Fixed: Robots can now properly start other robots by sneak-using them (as long as their owner is allowed to).Fixed: Warning in assembler about missing GPU if APU was present.
  10. OpenComputers 1.5.10 is out now! This one took a little longer than intended, so the change log is a bit longer, too! As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download for MC1.7.10 Download for MC1.8 Added: APU, a hybrid of CPU and GPU. Limited for the costs, but essentially opens up a card slot.Added: Getter in Debug Card to query list of online players and known dimensions.Added: Made blocks compatible with AE2 spatial system.Added: Slow block breaking for robots and drones.Changed: AE2 controller driver functionality is now always present in interfaces, even when channels are enabled.Changed: Port of a received ComputerCraft network message is now appended instead of prepended (allows more generic message handling).Changed: Removed recipe for endstone, added fake endstone instead and OreDictionatified the drone recipes.Changed: Tablets should now keep running when changing dimensions (e.g. going to the nether).Changed: Updated native libraries to Lua 5.2.4. Tested them as best I could in VMs, but let me know if persistence stops working for you after this update.Fixed: 3D Printer shape limit check being off by one.Fixed: Duplicate rendering of equipped item on robots.Fixed: GUI of invalidated screens not closing.Fixed: Hopefully got rid of potential one-time lag when turning on the first computer after starting the game.Fixed: Hover upgrades not working when built-into robots (worked only in container slots).Fixed: Issues in ComputerCraft integration.Fixed: Issues with AE2 export bus driver.Fixed: MFR Safari Net converter (i.e. info added to item stack descriptor).Fixed: Shift-clicking something into a database filling all empty slots with that item.Edit: Hotfix time! 1.5.11 fixes potential issues with SimpleComponent injection. Sorry about that! Download for MC1.7.10 Download for MC1.8 Added: Hover boots.Fixed: Potential issues with SimpleComponent injection (leading to startup messages).Fixed: Power conversion logic when charging items in the charger.
  11. OpenComputers 1.5.9 is out now! More integration with other mods, a couple of bugfixes. As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download for MC1.7.10 Download for MC1.8 Added: Charger can now be used to charge battery upgrades, as well as other energy items (e.g. RF or EU powered items).Added: The experience upgrade can now consume enchanted items and XP bottles for experience.Added: Integration with IngameWikiMod (made most pages from OC's manual available in it).Added: OpenOS' shell now supports piping (e.g. cat < f1 | cat >> f2).Added: Support for BluePower's bundled redstone.Added: Support for more GregTech machines in recipe definitions.Added: Waypoint block, can be queried using navigation upgrades.Changed: Reworked logic for rendering upgrades on robots. Makes it easier for addons to render their upgrades, and makes it work in MC 1.8 again.Fixed: Drones losing their name when changing their EEPROM.Fixed: Potential client-side log spam in disassembler GUI when disassembleAllTheThings was enabled.Fixed: Robot animations continuing when game was paused.Fixed: Robot rendering potentially leaving OpenGL state in a way that leads to certain blocks to not be rendered.Fixed [MC1.8]: A few potential NPEs.
  12. OpenComputers 1.5.8 is out now! Lots of bugfixes, very much recommended. As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download for MC1.7.10 Download for MC1.8 Added: Emitting particle effects from robots when they try to move but fail. Added small timeout to avoid particle spam, so using detect instead of just trying to move may be more efficient, now.Added: Peaceful-friendly recipe file (thanks dgelessus).Added: Russian translation for manual (thanks a lot cyber01).Changed: Allow redrawing holograms a tad faster, added method for setting raw data for fast full data swaps.Fixed: A few issues with drones moving through portals, in particular they won't power down after moving through one, anymore.Fixed: Absolute paths in manual (noticeable in the links from the German index to the English one not working).Fixed: OpenOS being listed twice in creative tab/NEI.Fixed: Potential memory leak involving drones.Fixed: Race condition in computers that could lead to them stopping randomly.Fixed: Reduced memory use of timeout enforcing logic in __gc callbacks.Fixed: Standard I/O streams being closable in OpenOS (thanks mpmxyz).Fixed: When using LuaJ fallback, computers were not starting when loaded again, when unloaded while running.Fixed [MC1.8]: Colored text on screens influencing color of other rendered stuff.Fixed [MC1.8]: Piston upgrade.
  13. OpenComputers 1.5.7 is out now! Biggest addition this time is the ingame manual. That's right, OpenComputers officially joins the book club now. It's kind of wiki-ish-ly structured, and contains documentation about pretty much every item and block in the mod. Huge thanks to rashdanml and everyone else who helped fill out and polish the documentation. As always, remember to make a backup of your world before updating. Download for MC1.7.10 Download for MC1.8 Added: Allow specifying level of redstone signal emitted by prints.Added: Tab completion in Lua interpreter.Added: Prints can now emit light.Added: Allow using dyes as ink input for printers, much less efficient than using cartridges.Added: Ingame documentation via book. Contains documentation on pretty much everything in the mod.Added: A wrench. Mostly for MC1.8. But it should be compatible with most other mods, too.Changed: Using manual in recipe for Lua BIOS and OpenOS now.Changed: Made speed of gpu.setPaletteColor depend on GPU tier and made it a lot faster.Fixed: Potential crash when trying to render a char that could not be generated.Fixed: Chamelium blocks being registered breaking mipmaps.Oh, and if you have an addon for OpenComputers, there's a very easy to use API for the manual, so you can hook right into it.
  14. OpenComputers 1.5.6 is now available. Mostly bugfixes, some other things. Download for MC1.7.10 Download for MC1.8 Added: Chamelium is now edible. But don't.Added: More AE2 integration (thanks DrummerMC).Changed: Floppies and hard drives can no longer be wiped by shift right-clicking them. To wipe loot floppies, craft them on their own (i.e. put them in a crafting grid).Changed: Improved recipe handling. Recipes can now be disabled by assigning false to them. Missing recipes will generate a warning.Fixed: 3D Print info in WAILA.Fixed: Converter for Forestry now not only applied for bees in Analyze/Bee House/... but also for bees in inventories.Fixed: Disassembler ignoring recipe output sizes (leading to fun effects like iron nuggets being disassemblable into iron ingots).Fixed: Potential crashes in AE2 integration even when used with newer AE2 versions. Hopefully.Fixed: Prints now properly register themselves for FMP slots, making them work as covers for Project Red cables, for example.Fixed: Redstone I/O block properly wakes computers now.Fixed: Wireless messages potentially triggering chunk loads.
  15. OpenComputers 1.5.5 is now available. Bugfixes and minor improvements! Download for MC1.7.10 Download for MC1.8 Added: 3D prints can be recycled by putting them into 3D printers as material.Added: Sign upgrade will add sign text to tablet_use signal.Added: Filtering to AE2 item listing callbacks getItemsInNetwork and getCraftables. Filters are tables with the same (basic) keys as converted item stacks, the values being the (exact) filter values.Added: Drivers for newer RF energy API interfaces, should make them work with mods only implementing the newer ones.Added: Lore entry is now added to item stack information.Fixed: Potential memory leak with Microcontrollers (thanks a ton to marcin212).Fixed: cat.lua not closing file handles (thanks mpmxyz).Fixed: Mod integration for power providing mods being disabled when power usage was disabled.Fixed: Potential persistence issues with userdata.Fixed: Improved persistence behavior of TCP sockets.[MC1.7.10] Fixed: UV mapping for 3D prints.[MC1.7.10] Fixed: hopefully fixes crashes with AE2 version rv2-beta-20 and newer.
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