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  1. IGN: Deo3560AGE:21SKYPE (or any way of contacting you):Deo3560Maturity Level: Enough...?Favorite Mods: ChiselWhy do you want to join: Taking a break from modding and running my own serverDo you have a microphone so we can talk while playing:Yeah
  2. You have Java 8, the modpack does not support Java 8, so you must either disable it or uninstall it and install Java 7. http://www.technicpack.net/article/view/concurrentmodificationexception-in-java-18020.89
  3. 1.6.4 Mod packs do not run if you have Java 8 downloaded
  4. I put together a Sphax 128x Texture pack that would supply me with many textures I wished to have, specifically Geostrata. It seems that all the textures work fine, except for the fact that Geostrata only partially works. It has the smooth stone textures, however I still see the default Geostrata cobble and carved variants. The Geostrate crystals are textured correctly along with the few other items Geostrata provides, but the rock variants do not have Sphax texture. -The textures are in the texture pack (assets/geostrata/textures/blocks) -The texture file matches the default texture file na
  5. The server console/log is being flooded with something odd and that I don't know what triggered it. Attack of the B Team 1.0.12a During this part of the log, no one is currently on the server. I'd appreciate any information towards how I can silence or fix this problem, thanks. If any other information is needed, I will try to provide it.
  6. Oh wow, thank you very much, there are only 2 others on the server, I talked to one of the others, it seems they had just pressed "U" coincidentally...
  7. I am currently using an Attack of the B Team 1.0.9c server and just recently the "MapWriter" mod seems to have severely bugged out. The map quality was aces and had the records of everywhere I have had traveled, now (for everyone on the server) the map resets on login with horrible quality. Any help would be highly appreciated, thanks. [if more information is necessary, do ask, I am not sure what else is needed]
  8. Thanks, you are right, Still has alluded me.
  9. In the Attack of the B team modpack, a mob exists called a Nightcrawler. Does anyone know what mod they are from, and how and where they are obtained? I know they are in the game, because there is someone on my server why has a Nightcrawler Morph legitamately. He claims it was from witchery, but I can't find it on the wiki.
  10. Whitelist application: *Who are you? Deo3560 *Where are you from? Depths of the Internet with origins in the East Coast *How old are you? 18 *Why do you want to play on our server? I've hosted so many servers, B-Team servers just sound like EFFORT *What do you think you can offer our server? As a experienced server host and manager, I may be able to contribute thoughts, as a creative architect, I plan to experiment *Who was your favorite power ranger? Red Ranger GO! EDIT: Facebook Mandatory? I wonder when that's gonna end up like AOL and die out, haven't used either in forever.
  11. I put a modpack together, but when I launch it, the ForgeModLoader loading bar pops up and dissapeared then the Mojang screen appears. Once Mojang screen ends, it switches to a light gray/white screen where the Menu should be. INFO: https://www.dropbox.com/lightbox/home After hours of searching the internet and forums, all I could find was to increase "PermGen Size" which other threads say that the option is no longer available. I tried messing around with Environmental Variables, but I don't know the functions exactly
  12. Name : Deo350 Age : 17 Reason you want to join : Interesting, I want to know how iConomy works exactly Have you ever been banned before : Yep, not for any reasons such as griefing, stealing, or mal conduct
  13. Ah Ok, thanks for clarifying for the correcting answer (Sad, can't even quote right) My goal was the server to be somewhat warlike between kingdoms, but due to bad organization skills as a "b"admin, kingdoms already started and also they spread out more than I was hoping for, so not a fight for resources (not to mention the lack of people). I'm attempting to revive that thought though, hopefully get it right. I have a whole new respect for those who create these larger servers.
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