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  1. Don't know how this will hold up amongst all these classics and epic songs, and hell, I don't even know if this thread is still active, but this here is one of my favourites:
  2. ​Very very positively, I'm absolutely *blorp* at any kind of art, especially drawing, and you're so damn good that maybe I'd actually be able to improve. Noice set of pictures by the way
  3. Nothing's on my mind, I just wanted to change this. Sorry.

  4. ZENIT? Good camera. Worked with one for a while in GCSE photography. Not too bulky, but takes good pictures. I saw one in the market a few week ago, wish I bought it.

    1. Smeelio


      Yeah, it's a very versatile and all-round camera, glad I bought it sort of as an impulse buy. It was standing in someone's front garden with a sign hanging on it, so I inquired and got the camera, two lenses, a tripod, a case, a camera bag and two rolls of film for about £30. You can get the camera with a pretty good Helios lens and maybe a case for around the same price on e-Bay though, probably less battered than my one too, so check there if you're still interested ;)

  5. Hmm, Minecraft music is nice, but maybe Ima change it up a bit...

  6. Sort of a random question to put here, but in the Shadow World mod you can get a backpack. Does anyone know how to craft this backpack (NEI won't tell me) or, if it is uncraftable, can anyone tell me how to obtain it? I think it'll be really useful on my dimensional adventures. Thanks in advance.
  7. Yeah, my problem was that I couldn't register for the first time. However, it seems to have fixed itself without anyone's help or any prodding from me.
  8. So, I've been trying for the past few days to create a Platform Account, since I have a couple of modpacks ready to upload. I decided after a couple of failed attempts to wait until after the Christmas update/conversion thingy, so today I tried again, and this time at least it says that I have created an account rather than just crashing the webpage. But I think it's actually worse now, because even though I have received a verification e-mail and clicked the link multiple times, copied and pasted it into the URL bar, opened in new tab etc. all it does is take me to the Login page, except when
  9. Yeah, I've been waiting for it for a long time. I mean, they haven't really shown many features of it yet, but a practically limitless universe? Discovering shiz? Space ship and ground-based pew-pew combat? Sign me up. Oh yeah, and apparently they use a "64 bit seeding key" which allows for "18 quintillion" planets (I'm not that smart; I don't know exactly what that means or how it works, but I do know that's a huge number of planets to discover/explore), which you can travel to and from seamlessly, into the atmosphere, across the planet (most of 'em bigger than Earth apparently) and out agai
  10. Oh thanks! I was only using the apparently outdated MC Forums links, because, well, I think I'm probably an idiot. I'll test it out when I get a chance. UPDATE: Ok, so, I got the 1.7.10 version, I installed it alongside Archimedes' Ships and made sure both mods worked, and then tested them together, and no; light-emitting blocks do not emit light when part of an Archimedes Ship. Well, I only tried with a torch and a redstone torch as I had those on a ship anyway, but I'm pretty sure if it doesn't work for one (or two) it's not gonna work for any. Unless I'm missing some compatibility option i
  11. Yeah, maybe I should've just tried it myself in the first place. Good idea. UPDATE (To avoid double-post): Well, it turns out that I can't test it, because Dynamic Lights is still 1.4.2 and the Forge download for 1.4.2 404's. Oh well. At least I don't have to do anything.
  12. New profile picture which is an actual picture of an old camera that I like that I took with a new camera that I like! Yay!

  13. I wasn't entirely sure where to put this, but anyways: As anyone who has experimented with the mod will know, any light-emitting blocks that become part of an Archimedes Ship through Assembly stop emitting light until the ship is Disassembled. What I want to know is if I install Dynamic Lights, do the aforementioned light-emitting blocks continue to emit light even if they are Assembled into part of a ship?
  14. Well, I'm glad I created something random that appealed to someone specifically (As well as all the feedback from everyone else who liked it of course), even if it was by accident
  15. Yay for reading! Oh, and Supa Dupa Soupa! If you happen to see this post amidst your storm of arting and stuff, could you tell me if it's okay for me to use some of your amazing art from ages ago as my picture? I change mine quite a lot, but then run out of useable images on my computer, but then I remembered this post from years ago (I think it was my last post EVER until this string of them) and thought "Well, that might be a picture I can actually stick with, for a while at least!" PS: I actually don't know if the image is too large for pictures on here. I'll check later.
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