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  1. Do they have quills? I mean, really, do they?
  2. This song is good in it's simplicity. Also, Openwater has a beautiful voice.
  3. QWERTY is too mainstream, though. It took me 7 years of my life to learn QWERTY. Learned LH Dvorak in half an hour. No, I shouldn't see why I should change. Everyone else should. Here, look for yourself, no joke. This is genuinely my keyboard layout. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wp481f2ikjkdwtz/20150714_211212.jpg?dl=0
  4. I don't like QWERTY. Hate the thing. I use Left Handed Dvorak for all the things. I type faster on it. I even got College to order in a keyboard with equal sized keys so I can have Dvorak. But I have to rebind the damn thing every time. New modpack? Two hours rebinding. New game? Rebinding. Apparently it's too hard for some to understand I use Q_KC to move instead of WASD. Any suggestions?
  5. They're back. And all the legit posts are buried.
  6. ‚ÄčI don't know. It's Wales, so maybe? The Green Party wants to put solar panels everywhere and legalize weed, and the Monster Raving Looney Party STILL wants to make gravity illegal. So in terms of politics here in the UK, it's quite likely.
  7. I haven't got a clue. Sounds fancy. So you make the spambots play golf? Yay. In all seriousness, AdamHovorka is the modern day Gavjenks. Points to you, sir.
  8. Quite frankly, it is. I just wanted to create this topic to see how far it gets pushed down when it's just me and 50 spambots on here. Can't we do as they said in the KJ and nuke any account that says.... ....vashykran?
  9. Politics post. Yay. I am obligated to say something, being one of the only Brits here. To summarize: Labour puts in a lefty policy, Tories undo it in their term. Tories put in a righty policy, Labour undoes it in their term. When put into perspective, they're all liberals. Scotland is full of angry patriots who want to blow up the UK and sail away on a continental drift to the Maldives. And Plaid Cymru wants to introduce policies that waive human-goat bestiality in Wales. That's 2015 in British politics in a nutshell. And that sums up what generally happens in elections.
  10. Have some Pirate Metal. Do I have to cite NSFW? Or is this thread advised to have caution?
  11. Transoscillatory soundwave stacking. Using a similar function to a beam of light in a mirrored ball. However, sound is created by kinetic forces, and thus has more effect. If a theoretical container was created, wouldn't it be hypothetically possible to hone compressed soundwaves into further kinetic function? You could at least build a generation ship like that. If matter and antimatter are exact opposites, antimatter will stretch time in the opposite way of matter. Thus, negating an amount of matter would allow infinitely fast travel. I prefer the idea of generation ships. More feasible. I w
  12. I will be visiting this thread a lot in the next few days. I'm probably the only published poet here. I have a massive stack o' poetry. I will probably just reel it off here. Here goes: The words, they listen Sighing silently, as they speak Knowing that they kill Knowing that they hate And they listen. Knowing that they love Knowing that they care Knowing that they are meaningless Accepting they aren't there.
  13. I think, for the purpouse of this thread, given it's nature, the moderators would have no qualms. I mean, sure, it's probably not a problem if it's available for free, but still, best to ask first before jumping the gun. I will add a song when I have the oppotunity.
  14. This is real music, ladies, gentlemen and sentient, gender neutral octupi.
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