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  1. sorry maybe i could help parse that. they gave DVA more lore...but the overarching "story" of overwatch nothing was really added it was a good short, but i would say it's the worst of the shorts.
  2. Hello yes, i'd like to buy some salt and a bit of pepper. why? they managed to not give DVA so little lore in her short it's not even funny.
  3. oh yeah that bird is really annoying! i've since then saved my master ball for it Articuno is also my favorite pokemon.
  4. Personally i can't wait to not play it, because i haven't even touched the fallout one. i'll just sit over here playing Xenoblade chronicles, X, and 2. because i only just finished chronicles' story on my 3ds and get to do remaining quests and such.
  5. i just saw it today, and thought it was great! i loved the post credit stuff they did.
  6. that feeling when you ask where when you meant why arn't as in: i guess it's because it's hard to make a spam bot for discord when you can just ban things at the touch of a button
  7. so in short, the fourms problems are getting regurgitated onto Discord, so that just leaves the cheap uggs...where are they in general?
  8. and where/who do i petition to have General re-named to Kitty Jail!
  9. I've got a pinned tab in Chrome, so whenever i have it open (which isn't alot since it take up enough memory and CPU time that it can affect performance in things) i check here...was surprised to see something here, i thought it died as for Skyrim, i'm waiting for mods to update/port over and SKSE to get out of Alpha for the special edition. then i'll go and do it. as for beyond skyrim, well, i hope i can at least use a few mods with it, otherwise i fear i'll try it once and then throw it in the trash because i can't use mod X because of Y reason, which is a stupid reason...but it will happen. also recently got a job with the City I live in so that's a plus!
  10. previous attempts to turn it off and on failed (i think waiting like 300 secs was enough when the est was like 89 lol)
  11. Glad to hear she'll get better! in other news....i queue for a game in HOTS and well....
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