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  1. hooptiecoupe

    The Ban game

    Melfice is banned for correcting the owner of a server & cause he's on fire and i dont want the thread to burn down...
  2. hooptiecoupe

    The Ban game

    I ban Melfice for accussing someone of lieing. and.. cause his name is hard to pronounce too
  3. wow... well, i skipped most the convo cause it soo far off topic. anyway nice mod pack. pretty much everything. how you pull it off without crashing on impact is beyond my realm of kowlege. Basiclly, i dont know which mod to mess with first
  4. a little dismayed at restrictions put on reviews.

    1. Melfice


      Reviews are okay, as explained by a mod and admin. It's just not okay to advertise your website.
    2. poryy


      What reviews?
    3. Melfice


      The Horizon City review topic in Café Lame.
  5. Funny, :/ im reading this posts. cause im curious to keep with phoenix here and there to see how he's coming along. This argument is very similar to one I had with him a while back on his Hexxit server I belvie? I asked him where his Minigames were, since he advertised in his hexxit forum page that he has mini games. He got very defensive then about it too. one plus, it seems that his website as improved greatly. He's no using the enjin mechanics. which seems to be helping him out a lot with the community side of things. Before, his website was very Difficult to navigate or understand, and every 2 clicks it would take you to an adlfly page or something like that. very annoying. His website dosnt apper to be having those issues anymore. So, he's improving a lot! but, I had the same questions... where are the mini games at? The problem is that Phoneix appers to use the Same General .JPG ad on all his forum posts. Implying he HAS the same setup on ALL his servers. It would help a lot Phoneix, if you personally made an .JPG ad for EACH server you run. with information specific to THAT server. That would probably keep a lot of people from complaining saying you lied.. or falsified information. The other thing is. EPICNESS.. I recall getting on your hexxit server. The Spawn is IMPRESSIVE. LARGE... MASSIVE. but.. Hexxit is not. Hexxit as become a niche Mod pack. Not many server exist for it. and the ones that do, don't get many people on per day. I've noticed that even your hexxit server is suffering a large loss in players. I would highly recommend Making the Spawn Smaller and more specifc to the feel of the hexxit mod pack. allowing people to easily get out and explore instead of getting awh struck by the SIZE of your hexxit spawn. Mind you, I haven't been on you hexxit server in about..? ... I think 3 months. So it may have changed. I dunno. How is your Custom Hexxit Mod Pack coming along by the way? I recall you saying you were working on one. but never got an answer back about where to download it at? or what the server IP would be to join?
  6. hooptiecoupe


    PROTIP: you can use a vanilla healthpotion on an infernal mob to make its health normal.
  7. hooptiecoupe


    Ice cream is just fun I've not been on this server yet. I keep meaning to join it. does it still have parkour and better dungeons? I know a lot of hexxit servers have had to remove it.. I freaking love raiding better dungoens. there crazy fun!
  8. hooptiecoupe


    someone shoul post some pics of the server...
  9. hooptiecoupe


    as much as I'd love to put in an application, Its a full time job takeing care of my server. I host events on Fridays as well as do a few speacile hidden loot chests in the PVP world...plus building mazes and parkour challenges for the FunCo world. good luck in your endeavours. ill come check out your sever later this evening.
  10. hooptiecoupe


    im just bumping this up real quick so people can see that post just under this one "**BestServers hexxit**" is a straight rip off of this servers info. DONT GO ON **BESTSERVERS HEXXIT it looks as if he setup the account just to steal peoples IP addresses.
  11. hooptiecoupe


    seems like a lot of trouble for the admins though, you should expand on the no greifing policy so players understand..no greifing SPAWN or no greifin on a certain world. But Greifing is allowed if you war with a faction. that's not explained very clearly and and mislead players. I run a server as well with factions. what i did was set up the perms so that leaders cant change them, and used multiverse to separate it..so you can have a faction in two different worlds with completey different setups. works really well. players build a permanent base is the main world, and then go to the PVP world and make a faction there and blow up bases and fight eachother. i can try and help you out if you ever wanna setup your server like that.
  12. hooptiecoupe


    Only catch is one of the rules is NO GREIFING. so, if you get attacked you can call foul play and say "I WAS GREIFED" which takes away from the REAL fun of the MOD. I like this server, but faction wars is the best part of Hexxit and FACTIONS plugin. Use towny or Worldguard or something instaed of Factions. By using factions the server is saying...come war and greif eachother...but the rules say: NO GREIFING.