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  1. The creative side of the server is still be worked in. Though, I'm considering changing the server over to be purely a creative bteam server. Just wondering what anyone thinks about that? seems like most of the bteam servers are survival / towny with MOST of the mods banned unless you donate. It bothers me that theres no REAL free to play servers for bteam. :/
  2. So? how do you keep your server from crashing without having to ban the items that can crash the server? For instance, I now that Mr.Crayfishs Stove block causes a crash error for the player and sometimes the server when placed and interacted with. Have you managed to resolve that issue? also, I know there are dupe isues with a few of the other blocks as well. Most server ban the dupe creating blocks. How do you manage these issues without banning items.? just wondering, thanks
  3. I mainly put my time into our vanilla server. which is now on version 1.9 the IP for it is: s26.hosthorde.com:25657 This server was financed by me. But one of my members Luke30399 was the one heading it up. I recently found out that it has several lag and crash issues. So, I'm taking a break from vanilla to step in and try to resolve the issues. For the most part it's still playable. I just need to delete the items that all servers have to delete cause of dupe, crash issues. problem is, I cant find that list anywhere... :/
  4. Welcome to HorizonCIty - BTEAM WEBSITE: www.hooptiesworld.enjin.com SERVER IP: s10.hosthorde.com:25996 Our server setup as always been "controlled Anarchy" meaning, we have a few rules but there primarily there to keep chat clean and to prevent excessive issues that can damage the gameplay for everyone. If an item is banned, its banned across the board! I rarely get on this server as I spend most my time on our vanilla server these days. This server is literally a PLAYER RUN server. The shops are made BY YOU the community. Basic info about the serv
  5. Melfice is banned for correcting the owner of a server & cause he's on fire and i dont want the thread to burn down...
  6. ahaha, i didnt see that here im enjoying reading it. hopefully we can bring it back. Its a fun game
  7. I ban Melfice for accussing someone of lieing. and.. cause his name is hard to pronounce too
  8. the income im earning from the 1 banner ad form Prjectwnderful iis so minor that it dosnt even cover the costs of running the website. It does help offset the cost yes. but, making money? To earn money thru project wonderful, i'd have to be getting 10,000 to 20,000 views per day on my website. and it'll proably be a few years before our community gets that big. For now, it simply helps to offset website costs. but, im paying for a website and a server which are both free to use. so, im def not MAKING money of players. Im losing money for running it all. I've noticed that quite a num
  9. i tried using the weather mod by coro, but it wasnt working out very well :/ i configured it best i could, but i really like the wind effects. good news is the weather mod seems to be working really well in the updated 1.7.10 version of this mod pack! It will def. add a little more scariness when exploring
  10. This would be a cool add-on machine for MFR. or IC2. It could be fun to use in a wasteland type of modpack
  11. this is something i saw on another forum i frequent and thought it was really funny The Goal is Simple make a reply, and come up with a reason for BANNING the guy above you. Im sure the modderators here can think of MAAANY reasons to ban me And im sure that any day now i'll prob REALLY be banned but, i would love to see someone's reason for banning a modderator ..if there bold enough to go there. ( a modderator as to post a reply though before you can ban him. ...)
  12. Its been very busy for me over the month of january. But, i've finally gotten around to makeing this modpack more SP playable. 1) removed: hidename tags, lock and key, and bloodmagic. 2) added: dokudoors to allow a more random teleport system. (it exciting to be transported far from you base and try to make your way back) Smash Bats. - Just cause its fun Meteors! - we need more action. The configs are still be adjusted so that they fall more often, and in teh day time. So be careful.... Once i get the configs down for elemental creepers and
  13. i dunno, the bit they had in GI was definantly interesting. Crazy exciting, they talke about how the world is so massive that at this point they have no plans for you to meet up with your freinds, cause it would take sooooo many hours to cross the space needed to meet eachother. The videos i've seen so far seem to be pretty revealing about the gameplay. I think the only thing thats annoying is that you can upgrade or personalize your ships? basically, if you see a ship you really like, follow it back to its base and buy it.? Something like that. There saying the goal is to reach
  14. lol, almost forgot al about this saw your post, actually no. i dont make money off of clicks on ads. I get paid rather they click or not. Project wonderful dosnt work the way traditonal banner ads work. So no, im not 'monetizing' of players. The site is simply an easy way to park the information so i can update it easier later if i need to. Thats all. I have now partnerd up with 5 other MC based forum websites. Its much easier to update download and link information on my own reivew site than it is to go around and update all the other places im partnered up at with new informati
  15. Very nice presentation. Im gonna download this and try it out. Thanks for putting this together. I like mod packs that have a story behind them. Makes the world more fun to play in. You should try useing a custom pre-made world if your not already. I woudl recommedn Theworxx. its a pretty cool custom made landscape world. we use it on our server as well. very nice. Eitherway, I'll def. try to spread some love for your mod pack to my community as well.
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