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  1. Frenzy Survival Minecraft Server! Hello! I am Kaleb! (AKA Wolfers) (AAKA KickButtKaleb12) and I am inviting everyone to my Attack of the B-Team server! Look below for details! Server Rules NO Griefing /ban NO Stealing /tempban NO Pranks TO EXCESS! If the pranks get to grief point then its a nice hearty ban for a day. Always help when in need, if you are at war then you don't have to just be nice! IP: How Do I get whitelisted? Well it is simple! Fill out this easy little application and pop you can get on! In Game Name: Age: Skype: Will you record(if yes channel link please): Some extra details! We have no banned items, no plugins, we have about 99% uptime, and we welcome all. However, we are looking for people who can be trusted and who can live in a town without accusing someone of a piece of dirt going missing! Pictures(COMING SOON) Adios, mi amigos!(Good bye my friends)
  2. Kickbuttkaleb12 14 U.S.A Yes my skype is kickbuttkaleb12 I have it but I use skype more I will but I am still setting up the channel I say its about equal on both I accept the server rules
  3. Ingame name: Kickbuttkaleb12 How long you have played mc/b-team: I've played MC for 2 years in Febuary. I've playe Bteam since it came out. How often you play mc/b-team: I play as often as I can. I usually don't play alone, it makes me bored. Age: 14 Other information: None
  4. Hi I'm Kaleb! I'm 14 and my IGN is Kickbuttkaleb12. I have lots of experience with the technical mods and minecraft itself. My skype is kickbuttkaleb12.
  5. Hey! I'm Kickbuttkaleb12, you can call me Kaleb! My IGN is Kickbuttkaleb12 and so is my skype! I'd love to be part of this community! I'm 14 and would like to be on a smaller server. They tend to be more polite and the terrain is less destroyed.
  6. Hey! Great to see many replies within one day! All of you will be sent a skype request from Kickbuttkaleb12, Congratz! Still Recruiting!!!
  7. Ingame Name: Kickbuttkaleb12 Age: 12 Why you want to join: To hang out with an awesome community! Location: Florida, USA [ Central Standard Zone ] How well do you know this mod pack: Eh fairly well Do you agree to the rules? Yes
  8. We are currently no longer accepting applications. Tune in another day, maybe we will again!
  9. Wow! Getting a lot more applicants than expected! All of you sound like a really great addition to the group! Accepted!!!!! ATTENTION!: Any Applicants after this post must answer this question(don't worry it's easy!) What mod(s) do you have the most expierence with/would prefer to be using?:
  10. Sorry, that skype name didn't work XD Skype is killing me today! Try adding me: thellon01
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