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  1. IGN: bulldogneon Name(Optional):mccoy Age(no limit):15 Why do you want join?:i want to play on a server that has a mature comunity and has people who will help if u need it. Skype[Required!!!]:bulldogneon1 How does a city sound to you(AoTBTwise...)?:i think it is a good idea to build a city becuase it should be a fun comunity project for the server to do.
  2. IGN: bulldogneon Age (no restrictions on age): 14 Experience level (with AotBT and/or MC):Ive played AotBT for about 3 months and MC for about 3 years so im pretty good at them What you are looking for in a server: A mature comunity with helping people and a active server that doesnt go down alot my skype is bulldogneon1 just if u want it
  3. Ingame Name:bulldogneon Age:14 but in very mature Why you want to join:im looking for a fun server with other mature people to play with i like to interact with the community of servers Location:Reeves Louisiana(its a really small town) How well do you know this mod pack:im kinda know the mod pack ive been playing it for about 2 or 3 months now an ive played with all the mods in other mod packs Do you agree to the rules?yes i do Skype:bulldogneon1
  4. IGN:bulldogneon Reason of wanting to join:Im tired of playing on servers that crash every 5 minutes and are all ways removing mods and im tired of playing in single player Your favorite mod:Thermal Expansion Age:14 im very mature Youtube:none Skype account:bulldogneon1
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