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  1. IGN:94401 Skype:dont have one. Age:just turned 16 Experience: 8 Favorite mod: Witchery Do you plan to record: no What do i like to do in minecraft: build, craft, and explore What do i want to be in the server: Builder, crafter, and explorer What else should you know about me: my favorite mod..... I love to Witch
  2. What happened to the server? the map reset and then its not letting me in
  3. IGN:94401 Age:15 Location: U.S.A Why I want to join: I have tried many servers, and they seem great. But after a wile they go down and you can never get on them again. I would like this server to be different. Experience with the mod pack: 8/10 Favorite thing to do: Witchery Skype: I don't have one yet If you need anything else just ask
  4. IGN:94401 Age:15 Youtuber:no Am i willing to donate: I would but I'm pretty broke. How much experience do i have of the mod pack: 8.5/10 What type of player am I: Builder/Explorer Dolphins or Dinosaurs: Dolphins If you need anything else just ask
  5. IGN:94401 Why I want to join: I have tried many servers that seem great at first, but then a few weeks in it crashes forever. I hope that this server is different. Age:15 (Very Mature) What I can bring to the server: I'm a pretty good builder, so i could help with like the spawn village. Am I friendly: Yes I'm very friendly. Can I take a joke: Yes I can take a joke just not if its VERY extreme. Can I tell when someone is joking: Yes I can, because something probably happened to your base that isn't normal. If you need anything else just ask
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