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  1. yes anyone who is accepted will be contacted through message on here if they do not have skype
  2. Sigh... You're 21, you came onto my server, you then acted inappropriately to kids who are a 3rd of your age, at which point you thought that due to your age you had a right to say what you wanted. You are more of a child then the children who are playing on my server. Feel free to "bash" my server as much as you like, it does not change the fact that you came on, you were rude, you were disrespectful, and you were removed. Any further post by you will just continue showing your immaturity that we had the "pleasure" of seeing earlier. Enjoy your stay on someone elses server.
  3. I added you on skype i'll give you the ip when you accept
  4. Hey guys, I'm hosting a small private server for me and a few other people, and i would like to add more to the few we have I'm a simple to please person, the only real thing i ask for is not to see people fighting. No, this does not mean no-pvp.. it just means being mature. If someone doesn't want to do the pvp, then don't kill them needlessly. Really common stuff i seek, just a little maturity Heres the application form~ Ign: Age: Location: Why Would You Like To Join: How Much Experience Have You Got In AOTBT: What Mod Are You Best At: Skype: Just so you know, my main contact will be through skype. if you -really- want to convince me, you can contact me on skype rather than put an app in. Ticklethypickle is my skype name, so feel free to contact me through it. Just a little added extra, i would prefer players over the age of 16, however, i will not turn down anyone younger if you impress me.
  5. yes, when we find out what is causing the current instant crash, the server should have way less leg then it did before
  6. we deleted the old world, but it seems something went amiss and now its crashing pretty much the instant we put it up ^^; sorry for the inconvenience!
  7. seems a few people were having problems connecting, but at that time the server was working fine, but at this time the server is acting up and we arn't sure whats causing it, so.. the server might not be up tonight unless it sorts itself out :s
  8. actually, you were banned for being a smartass, as well as a trouble causer. You also stated, and i quote you, "I have my own server i can play on!" and as such, i saw no reason as to why you needed to stay. Have a good day, sir.
  9. i'm going to state this ; we arn't forcing anyone to stay. Secondly, we are well aware of the old world causing problems, we were being fair to those who can't be on every single day to have a chance to move their things. I'll be having penguin delete the old world today if he comes back on.
  10. you applied for mod, yet you post something like this? We are not forcing anyone to stay, we understand the frustration, we're doing all we can to get the server stable and everyone happy.
  11. I have been desperately looking through all of the mods, and i honestly can't find what causes the ore to spawn so sporadically. Does anyone know how or what actually makes the ores random?
  12. Wow! thank you so much for saying that! I just don't want us to lose our awesome player base, i know how annoying it is to see the crashes..
  13. Just to save you some worry, we got rid of one of the biggest grief mods that was causing most of the griefing problems. with that said, i understand how you feel about constantly losing something in the resets. We are doing the best to try to figure out how to stop the crashes, we have some ideas, but they are still being discussed before being mentioned. The problem with decreasing the server save time is every save causes the server to spike, we all know that, it even states that itll lag for a moment as its saving, a faster save = more common spikes, more common spikes = more complications for the server, most of the time when it crashes, its due to multiple complications at once, and the server can't handle it, so speeding up the save will make things worse, sadly. As much as I hate to say it. I do have to say this ; thank you very much for sticking to us through all the iffy moments, it means the world to me, all the mods, and the server owner himself. Having great support just motivates us even more to figure out how to better the server!!
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