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  1. yeah sorry for that i was really bussy going to do applications today
  2. oh noes, i dunno what happened but world generation made it all bad.. (weird strange biome generation)
  3. *fixes one error* *another error shows up* bad luck brian?
  4. Sorry for the "no info" but i have been really bussy and when i tried to come online the server was down, so i tried fixing it and tried finding the source of the problem, we got several problems.. something corrupted ze world, mcpc+ update (fixed dat one), something else that won't tell me what the error is (GEESH YA ASKIN FOR RAGE STUPID ERROR?!?) xD basically that more info on the site: http://wolverism.enjin.com/
  5. I am sorry, the server is having some issues and doesn't want to start.
  6. The server is back up! and yes i will add ya to the whitelist (lucky your name is actually a wolf)
  7. Yes i shut the server down as you can't play on it right now anyways, just gotta fix the really minor issues and than i'll put it online
  8. Great announcement just before i go, the ip.. i haven't whitelisted anyone yet but when i do.. you can log on and play! time to finally catch some sleep (yay!) anyway, this is the ip:
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