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  1. This thread is now CLOSED! If you want to play on this server, please apply on our website by clicking the following link: www.clubzebula.com/bteam-app Unfortunately, the entire Club Zebula Network is shutting down permanently. I'm sorry to all who applied for wasting your time.
  2. Today, I am happy to announce the successful Minecraft server Club Zebula has expanded its network to include a brand new Attack of the B-Team server! Like its sister server, it also runs Bukkit for additional enjoyment and peace of mind. Dolphins. If you are mature and want to be a part of a small community, in which to learn, record, or simply relax, fill out the following application. If your application is accepted, you will be added to the whitelist. Our IP is bteam.clubzebula.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Minecraft Username: Age: Are you a YouTuber? If yes, how many subs? Are you willing to donate? (doesn't effect your chances, just curious) How much experience do you have with this mod pack? What type of player are you? (Builder, Redstoner, Explorer) Dolphins or Dinosaurs? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. I would very much like to join this server. I am currently watching paulsoaresjr play this modpack, so I'm learning a lot about it. I am a experience server owner (of a regular Minecraft server) myself, so I know what is involved in running a server. Here is my application: Your IGN: croc122 What is your age? (there ain't no shame ) 22 Why do you want to join this server? Being a server owner can be boring sometimes because you have the ability to cheat, which is no fun. Are you a explorer, builder or crafter? explorer What do you expect from this server? a place to chill out, meet new people, and learn about this awesome mod pack Are you going to record? (this doesn't affect your chance of getting accepted) maybe sometimes Are you willing to donate? (also this doesn't affect it, just curious hehe) maybe, if I like it Are you good at building? (If you are and want too you can help on spawn) not really How much knowledge do you have about this modpack? currently learning about it from PSJ's series [edit new question] How active will you be? I will try to be on everyday for an hour or two Wolf or lion? wolf
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