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  1. Name: Ginny IGN: _ProbablyGin_ Discord: Gin#4057 Fav mods: dont really have a fav, just go with whatever is within the pack Age: 18 What are you best at: i build for other servers, maps, housing, spawns. gathering and such Timezone: CTZ what can you bring to the server: cool builds, help with newer players when needed and help with some mods. i love settling on a server so i hope i can join this one
  2. IGN: _ProbablyGin_ AGE: 18 why should i be accepted: i miss the days playing with friends on private servers and making big communities with eachother, hopefully can do the same here. strengths: i build for servers making PVP maps, or just houses for small clients of server owners. so building. helping people with as well i have been an admin, mod, and a server owner, co owner as well before experience with mod 1-10: 8 (a little rusty atm) contact: i dont use skype but i can make one. i use teamspeak, and discord "Gin#4057" how active: afew hours a day depending on schedule
  3. IGN: _ProbablyGin_ Age: 18 Skype: i dont really use Skype it lowers CPU but i use team speak constantly or discord. recording: if i adjust well i will maybe start recording on twitch "probablyGin" my account has run into some issues
  4. Reason you want to join: i have been searching all across the land called Tekkit Forums and have had no luck finding a awesome serever but it seems my search could soon be coming to an end for i have found this server post that makes me think it could be the awesomeness i have been looking for Age:15 Favorite mod:Flans mod& witchery they both are just to cool! Favorite thing to do in minecraft: EXPLORE! YouTube: GamingLikeaboss3265 ( i would be recording on here) Building ability: 8 Note: if needing to contact me in any way just add me on skype im vmwight1 Thanks!
  5. IGN: likeaboss3265 Age:15 skype: vmwright1 Why you: i saw Chimney Swift doing playing attack of the B team and thought just to try it out i have been playing singleplayer awhile and know pretty good amount of stuff in the mod. i really hope i can be part of the community and start playing with other people on a great server such as yours thanks
  6. IGN: likeaboss3265 Skype: vmwright1 Age: 14 -mature ill probably be on everyday i am free
  7. Happy as a bee with honey

  8. minecraft username: likeaboss3265 where you found the server: technic forums why do you want to be on this server: all the other servers i have been on are full of people that just want to grief i have been trying really hard to find a server i can be on alot and have fun with other players on without getting griefed what your favorite color is: RED
  9. IGN: likeaboss3265 Skype: vmwright1 Age: 14 - mature Why i want to join the server?: because it has been hard for me to find a nice no grief server that i can start recording on and this one looks so perfect for recording and i really hope to be a part of the community
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