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  1. hi i am looking for people to join my server send me ING:............ AGE:............. WHY YOU :...................
  2. looking for skilled players to play on my server we will be so happy to have you in our family IGN: AGE: SKYPE: WHY YOU ?: if you are good you will be in the whitelist in 2hrs
  3. Hi.... when ever i join my server i can't open any thing in it like chests crafting table oven and if i did it crash's the game and take me out of it plz help me
  4. when ever i open any thing on my server (my bag chest crafting table oven any thing ) it crashes plz plz help me
  5. If you like to join the server write your skype name : ( ) in game name : ( ) age: from 13 to 19 and thats it IF OYU WANT TO JOIN ADD ME ON SKYPE : jamal.buameem
  6. IGN:ITZz_BRoNzi AGE:17 i like witchery mode building skills is 8 i would love to join an active server
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