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  1. thanks for all the applications so far. i wont be accepting any more for a while as i want to see how the server copes with the current load. i will post back here when i start accepting more peeps.
  2. ye that crashed my client to desktop when you connected too. the problem is i have no idea what can be done about entities that are loaded when you connect. rolling back the map wouldn't sort that. i can delete your entry in the world then you would start at spawn again?
  3. ok im at your base, at the foot of the mountain biome in the snow, there is no airship here, i guess you are flying it. try connecting and spamming shift to de-complie it?
  4. could it be fixed by removing said items from the world? say if i went there are picked it up?
  5. Woops, saw some others post servers in here too so thought that was the place, can a mod move this thread to the correct place please?
  6. This is a UK based Attack of the B-team server for a small group of mature people who want to play without the fear of being griefed or killed by players. this server is running survival on the hardest difficulty setting with some tweaked settings (see below). There are no banned items but misuse of any part of the modpack againsed other players will result in a ban. Server address:- peacecraft.craftx.biz White list:- If you want to join us please leave a reply to this post and i will add you as soon as possible. Server rules:- No PvP (unless agreed by both parties) No Gr
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