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  1. Delete the letters typed in the search bar of the NEI.
  2. Does anyone have a link of list they can direct me to that lists all the data IDs of hexxit's modded, and unmodded items? Thanks -PhoenixPlayzz
  3. I was just wondering, if anyone could help, if there was a "toggle NEI (Not Enough Items)" button? Thanks in advance, -Phoenix
  4. Ty <3 Thats a very long time ago.
  5. Now, I'm not asking anyone to update this pack. I would just like to know when the pack was last updated so I can get an estimate of the time.
  6. No Problem! Have fun and hope it helped
  7. We need more detail. How is it not working?
  8. Hi! My IGN By the way is: PhoenixPlayzz I would really enjoy a server that has an awesome community like this one!
  9. You have to install Java Runtime Environment 64 BIT, this allows you to allocate more RAM to the launcher
  10. This can be caused by two things: a) You not installing the Texture Pack properly, you need to combine the patch with the texture pack, not on its own, this requires two separate downloads <----------MOST LIKELY B ) You not allocating enough RAM to handle the pack in the first place, if you can only allocate 1gb of RAM, you must install the 64-bit of JAVA.
  11. You need to combine the hexxit patch with the original 1.5.2 Sphax Tecture Packs, 2 seperate downloads, open them both as a zip, and copy the content of the patch into the texture pack, then put in TP folder, hope this helped.
  12. Redownload it from another domain, as the file is corrupt.
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