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  1. can barrles be added in the recommented version it is a small mod and won't make it harder or easyer
  2. johne16


    I can't post anything on the tracker becuase i don't hqve a file that matches the luancher
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    Sorry i forgot the tracker you don't see it on the mobile site
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    why does my technic luancher say offline when i start it up? i did restart the computer that didn''t fix it i have good internet
  5. If you guys are on 1.2.8e why does my minecraft say ID 781 from mod ChickenChunks is missing and yes im playing on 1.2.8e and i didn't update
  6. Well most servers i try say can't reach server
  7. i want servers that are not whiteliste but it is cool if it is pvp
  8. Why does my mod pack say Failed to login: Bad login it does it on all mod packs
  9. Why does my mod pack say Failed to login: Bad login
  10. Well for only mining 4 obsidian and 5 glass panes it is cheaper then the thermal expansion tanks
  11. I agree extra ultileties should be added
  12. And if you have biblio craft in the modpack pumping in water will do nothing