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  1. I've got thaumcraft added to the server I play on. It's give a good wizard on witch combination.
  2. A crash log would be helpful for a start
  3. When I try and join a server it will say the usual "logging in" but then will just close and go back to the launcher with no message. Any idea on why or how to fix it?
  4. I'm trying to get a list of all the enchantments in the pack but i'm not sure if I got them all. Would it be possible for anyone to find/give a list of them please? Thanks
  5. Just make a filter which will sort the other saplings into a different chest
  6. I never use palm wood for me it just never works...
  7. Have you got fuel for it? Also I have the problem of I can only walk forward and back...
  8. At the moment it still seems just tier 1 chests with the same loot on the moon appear...
  9. So far have gone through 3 mars dungeons. 1 of them had no treasure at the end. Which i'm sure if fine. But the other 2 have had tier 1 treasure chests. And as I get a tier 2 key I can't open them. Is this a bug of tier 1 spawning or is galacticraft not updated/made tier 2 yet?
  10. This happened in Pungence video: Turns out the other one should of jusy been fake..
  11. So I can move the alpha titan forward and back, mine stone, dig dirt e.g but yet I can't turn around in it. Any idea why?
  12. It requires a lot of power to run. It's radius it does can be changed by right clicking on it. That's all I know of it
  13. He wouldn't be using a single use because you can't put one in the auto spawner
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