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  1. Try to delete (back up before u do so) BOPVillage.dat and BOPTemple.dat It will make ur non fully generated village looks a bit weird also some non fully generated structure...
  2. Mind to share what's wrong with it? I am just curious.
  3. O for NEI N for minimap (a few times)
  4. I have seen a lot of talk about mad science, what does it do beside making eggs and hybrid animals? I actually use MCProHosting for my server so you could go and check out the spec. However, MCPC+ really helps with the performance. OPIS just gives u a good way to check what's causing the lag with a neat GUI.
  5. Why not try to copy the config folder over as well?
  6. Disclaimer: English is not my first language so I am sorry for English related error. This thread is not about asking official team to add X mod into this mod pack, so do not use this as a tool for doing so. As title, I own a small server that me and my friends play. I have added a fair bit of mods to this excellent mod pack but was wondering what everyone else added to their game and the reason for it. This could also be a good reference point for player who have almost completed everything in all the mods this mod pack provide or would like some extra spice for this pack. Even if the mod you added was on someone's list, feel free to share, your intention for adding said mod could be different and we all could enjoy that mod in the way you did! ========================= I will start off with my list: Server stuff - admin tools: MCPC+ - Greatly improve server performance Bukkit > LAGG - plugin that shows more accurate TPS and automatically remove entities) Dynmap - for the webchat and lack of map that shows player) Forge > Server Tools - Scheduled auto backup OPIS - spot out server performance as well as remove the laggy entites. Removed map writer for this mod since it has in build map writer and your already written map could be use along with this mod More World Gen/Dimensions - for my explorer friends: Better Dungeon - More world generation and added different types of mobs. I do not recommend this since it crashes a lot with MCPC+, this, however, is a good choice if you're playing single player Battle Tower - Another world generation, keeps exploring interesting it also comes with great loot (needs to be configed) Dimension door - New dimension is always nice Dungeon Pack - Even more world generation! Twilight Forest - With all the genes and power we have, we need a lot more boss to kill! Hardcore Ender Expansion - Nether have new look, overworld need not to say, The End was a joke, this should fix it. More types of mobs - so little type of hostile mobs and I felt like it's a waste of the morph system, also add challenge for the adventures: Mutant Creatures - as this pack is all about experties with chemical, how could we not make simple ones like Chemical X? This mod comes with some insane boss too. Projectzulu - added a lot of wild animals and a small amount of hostile mob. Dungeon mobs - another one that add more hostile mobs! Grimoire of Gaia 2 - SOOOOO PRETTY MONSTER that can be morph into and use their abilities. Goblins! - How about something that actually throw bombs at you! Monster power up - not long after I have made my 40+ Attack weapon, all mobs in sight die within a hit, so I decided to add this mod in to makes mobs become challenging again: Infernal Mobs - Infernal mobs could be applied to almost everything mob from all other mods as well. Zombie Awareness - Once you torch up, you'll be safe!........ or not? This mod makes light and sounds draw mobs towards you, it also mimic zombie apocalypse very well, just like the background photo of AotBT. Experience Sink - EXP has just become meaningless so quiokly beside mob farm, this will allow a lot more exp to be use for better stuff: Enchanting Plus - Allow you to choose specific upgrade with a lot more exp needed. Better Anvil - Remove the cap level for repairing. Pet - sometimes you could use some companion when you're alone: Doggy talent - For the dogs lover in the server. Pet Bat - A pet bat, how cool! Farlander - Finally we can be firends with enderman type creatures! Building and Decoration - for the ladies and builder: Decocraft - Decorations! A LOT OF THEM! Bamboo mod - Mainly for my wife who had always wanted to build a Japanese hot spring resort MrCrayFish's Construction Mod - Added this in just incase one day we would want to make a big city and we have the tools to clone our own buildings. I have not add any building into the folder but for those who want, you could download building that was premade into your world. Hand of cats - great tools for fast building, it have some visual glitch on multiplayer server but works very well in single player world. GUI - changes for the quality of life: Armor bar - shows your armor duribilty, VERY useful when you're fighting rusty Infernal mobs all the time... even your diamond/Exo armor don't last long. Buff bar - shows what buff/debuff you have TiC Tooltips - Every wonder what did you do to your tinkers' tool? Hold SHIFT to see what it does and hold CTRL to see what it was made of and how each part alternate the tool itslef.
  7. Firstly, problem should post in Tracker: http://forums.technicpack.net/tracker/project-4-attack-of-the-b-team/ Secondly, for your second world,
  8. Sounds like your computer cannot handle texture pack. Mind I ask are those 64x texture pack or higher? Also, did you try to increase the RAM usage for AotBT.
  9. Try to delete you Village.dat (no S) from .technicmodpacksattack-of-the-bteamsaves<yourWorldName>data
  10. Added you in skype Username: hfok Age: 25 Location: (State or Country Only): Australia How often can you play: 5hrs at least per day What time(s) of day are you most likely to be on: after 12pm Australia time How long have you played Minecraft: Single player mainly for a good year, played some with my friends private server but never last long, they lost interest. Have you played a modpack before?: no, this is the first time, still learning Have you published youtube videos before?: No Do you have any examples: No Do you intend to publish videos of gameplay on this server: No Would you be willing to participate in a skype interview and play minigames prior to obtaining membership in order to gauge your personailty?: Yes