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  1. whenever i play attack of the b-team, minecraft runs out of memory, and im not planning on getting a new computer and stuff, so i took some mods from attack of the b-team and put them in my mods folder. no crashes. i also "replaced" my config file with the attack of the b-team one. however, i noticed that the guns from Flans are not 3D, how come?
  2. Whenever I get on my world, it says minecraft has run out of memory, and since I'm not planning on getting a new computer or getting a better Java or such, I took some of the mods from Attack Of The B-Team and put them with some other mods that won't destroy my computer. So, I seem to have some ID conflicts. When I search up what a broken helmet in the archaeology mod is used for, it shows the crafting recipe for chocolate from the Food Plus mod. Is there some sort of config file I need? (Btw, I don't have Notepad++ and am not planning on getting it.) Also, dinosaurs don't seem to spawn in the
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