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  1. Ingame Name: woody0706 Age: 28 Why you want to join: Looking for a community to play with that is stable, been on many servers and most have gone down within a month or so and seen that this one has been up for a bit and still has active players (been snooping on your website ) Location: New York How well do you know this mod pack: ive been playing this modpack seince it has come out and feel that i have a good knowledge of most of the mods in it Do you agree to the rules? i agree to all the rules and will comply with all future rules
  2. with using a paper head (even though i have manylluyn plates and handle) it only has a mining lvl of stone, adding a diamond or emerald pushes up the mining lvl to where it will mine the other ores (tin, copper, etc.) i used to always make my hammers with a emerald on them but decided it was a waste seince i had auto repair on it, hence then finding out its mining lvl was too low. i never paid much attention when i was building the hammer to notice the mining lvl, just assumed it should of been high enough seince i had most of it made out of manylluyn
  3. nvm figured it out...ty for listening to me being a noob when i went back and checked my other world that i had them on i noticed i had diamond on it as a mod, hence brining up the mining lvl, i never noticed that the mining lvl was at stone when using a paper head even though the plates were manylluyn
  4. i tried with 2 different hammers both had manylluyn plates, both had paper heads, one had a blue slime handle and one had a manylluyn handle.....after id seen your post i went and tried in a different world and it seems that paper heads dont allow it to work on ores but other types do...why is this...the mining lvl is still highenough even with the paper head.
  5. its been a while seince ive used the hammer from tinkers construct, but last time i did i remember it working on all ores(tin,copper, etc) but now it seems to only work on coal ore. Im currently using 1.0.11a version of AOTB but even in 1.0.10b i have the same issue. Is this a bug or has the hammer been updated to where it now doesnt work on those types of ore. Any information reguarding this would be helpfull. Thank you to anyone who knows whats going on with this.
  6. username:Woody0706 and Hayvalalove Age:27 and 30 Location: New York How often do you play: anwheres from a few hours a day to around 8 some days What time(s) of day are you most likely to be on: all times of the day How long have you played Minecraft:3 years Have you played a modpack before?: yes If so, which one(s): AOTBT,Hexxit,and multiple FTB ones Have you published youtube videos before?:yes Do you have any examples:here is my youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/WoodysWorld0706 Do you intend to publish videos of gameplay on this server:yes i w
  7. IGN:Woody0706 and Hayvalalove Age:27 and 30 Why do you want to join:We are a husband/wife team that are looking for a server we can both enjoy playing AOTB on with other people Strengths in Minecraft:I (woody0706) like to mess around with redstone and building with all the mods in AOTB and i love the food mod, my wife can mine and deforest like no other How many years have you been playing MC: about 3 years How much will you be playing: anwheres from a few hours a day to around 8 some days Microphone:I (woody0706) have a mic my wife does not Will you be posting vids to Youtube: ive wan
  8. hope you all enjoy and pls forgive the choppy sound...got new equipment and software and still getting used to it...once i encoded it got lil choppy...will get better as i go
  9. when trying to figure out how to hook up the xp bottler in a creative world i got it to work perfect....but when i hooked one up in the world my wife started the xp bottler wont fill up with liquid xp to let me bottle it....any help would be appreciated or if this is a bug pls point me into the right direction to report it...ty
  10. *Who are you? name is kevin my ign is woody0706 *Where are you from? NY *How old are you? 27 *Why do you want to play on our server? i have been wanting to play on a modded server and have been playing around with this modpack and love it *What do you think you can offer our server? i like to tinker with redstone and see if i can build anything that i or anyone else comes up with...i am willing to help out with any build that someone needs help with *Who was your favorite power ranger? i think i watched it a few times as a kid but i cant remember who any of them were
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