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  1. Thanks! I would be one of the folks that would not be calling this a bug. Unless, of course, there were a better way to remove the Ender Backpack into my inventory and be able to store it away in a chest or Shelf.
  2. OK, I got it now. I didn't realize what I could do with the Chisel interface once it was on the screen. I thought I had to have a placed block in order to use it. A whole new world has opened up for me now! Thanks millions!
  3. Kalbintion: The second Ender Backpack was a few blocks higher and a few blocks away from where I broke my original. Each time I break one, it teleports just a few blocks away with the duplicate a few blocks away from the new location of the original. Eotf: I watched that video. Yep, that's pretty much what happened to me. If I break the backpack with a pickaxe it teleports away (like an Enderman) and I find two. I then put one of the two on my back and break the other with my pick and poof. I now have three. Granted, they are a bit of a bother to locate after they teleport. However, I can make as many as I want this way. I only tried this because I wanted to put the backpack in my inventory to use later on. Is there no way to take it off and place it in a box? By the way, both backpacks work just fine. They are fully operational Ender Backpacks. No fakes.
  4. OK, so even though I can use all the "Chisel" based Marble Stairs I want in Creative, there is no process to convert Artifice Marble to "Chisel" based Marble. I'm not a huge fan of Carpenter blocks. Sure, they can do some amazing things but if you accidentally right click on one with a block in your hand, you totally mess up that block and have to break it out and place it back with the block it was. I made my first structure out of Carpenter blocks after seeing BdoubleO100 show off their power. I then started placing blocks inside the structure and found the block I thought I was placing next to a wall as a panel on the wall instead. After I did this several times, i just broke all my wall blocks and placed the actual block as the walls instead of the Carpenter block/Brick walls. Maybe it's possible to use a chisel on that block to restore it to what it was. I don't know. I have changed my front door several times to something other than the Obsidian I am currently using. I have also messed up my bed in the same way. I guess I should go back to creative and do some more experimentation...
  5. I'm trying to figure out this Modpack and not having a lot of luck. I'm trying to create Marble Stairs. Seems simple enough. I look at the NEI for a crafting recipe to find that there are infact Marble Stairs. I try to craft them and get nothing. I have Marble, but it's not "Raw Marble". I can't find any info on Raw Marble at all not to mention a lack of documentation for the Chisel mod as well. I found the entry on the MinecraftForums.com site, but there is nothing there. I created a Chisel and right clicked. I see that is for changing the look of a single block of marble. I can't smelt the Marble. I'm completely stumped. Is there a centralized knowledgebase of info for this Modpack to make learning the mods easier? That would be ideal. Thanks!
  6. I just managed to get an Ender Backpack and accidentally "broke" it instead of punching it to put it on. It teleported and I was able to get it back. However, I found a second Ender Backpack a little later on. I went into Creative mode and destroyed it, but this isn't the first time I have seen this happen. I was in my Creative test word trying one out and was able to duplicate several by using a Diamond pick on them.
  7. So here is that screenshot of what I had been using... (If there is a way to shrink the image, I'm not seeing it...) Just imagine the XP Absorber to the left of the leftmost chest... Interestingly, When I placed a bunch more Tanks behind this setup (with an XP Collector block inbetween), and put the XP Drain on top, I got all the XP in my old tank plus what I had from additional caving all put into the new tank. The old tank still has the original 40+ XP levels, but now I have over 50 XP levels in the new tank. That tank is working perfectly. I'm currently creating a ton of Bottles O'Enchanting. I have an idea of how to destroy the old XP tanks, since I don't really want to take advantage of a bug of some sorts. I'm wondering if the XP Collector so how collected the XP in the tanks without actually removing the XP. I did try the shower thing. I wasn't able to get anything to happen with the shower. Even after placing a lever next to the shower head. Just out of curiosity, if I wanted to stay strictly with Liquid XP, what type of storage container should I be using? I don't see any in the NEI when I filter with '@mod.liquid'. Thanks a ton for your help! *signed name stolen by wild Mankey!*
  8. From what I have been able to determine from what little I can find about the Liquid XP Mod, all I need to do is place the bottler next to the tank and tell it where to "Drink" from and it should be able to access the XP in the tank. However, all it seems to see are the two chests to either side of it. From above my layout is something like this: TTT CBC Where T is the XP tank blocks, C are chest blocks and B is the XP Bottler. Am I missing something here? The LXP Absorber worked flawlessly, but now I have nearly 50 levels in tank blocks that I would like to be able to bottle for future use. Side question: Is there a centralized location for information about all the mods in Attack of the B-Team similar to the Gamepedia Minecraft Wiki? I am having small problems with just about every mod in this modpack and would love to be able to research my questions. Thanks! *signed name stolen by wild Mankey!*
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