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  1. Oh i fixed it, this topic can be locked. I fixed it by running the recommended build and it fixed and it also fixed the galacticraft machines causing crash
  2. When i went to play the other day after the day i got my armor
  3. Okay, so i made a cutlass and exo armor and i put diamond blocks on single piece, and my sword and armor killed everything in one hit, until i started to play and it was weak i even have quartz on my cutlass, what could be the problem? Is it maybe a bug? Thanks in advance
  4. Age: 13 Ign: TimeLord130 Are you a experience Aotbt player?: I think i am pretty okay. Why do you want to join the server?: Because i LOVE modded Minecraft and i LOVE multiplayer so i would like to join it because it is whitelisted and it is an awesome modpack. Skype: TimeLord130
  5. Name: Age: 13 In-Game name: TimeLord130 Skype/Steam Account name: TimeLord130 How much do you know about the Modpack: I am pretty good, better with mechanical stuff. Why should i pick you: I am on my computer mostly all of the day so yeah and i like to help people, also i want to play on a server with no griefers. Are you a Adventure/Builder/Crafter: I am a tinker i like to make machines and make everything go automatically. Would you enjoy a In-Game Shop: This sounds cool, but i don't think so because it would be kinda of dumb because the modpack can be overpowered by itself in alot
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