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  1. username: darkhalahula what i think about the server? well, the people are very friendly, the staff are kind most of the times (unless theres an issue) and i like how theres people dont go around saying GET OFF MA PROPERTY!
  2. IGN: darkhalahula AGE: 14 (almost 15) WHY? because i love small community servers, and servers with large amounts of players, usually have pvp and raiding enabled ,so it makes it a bother to do anything. but on a small server, you don't need to worry about that, hopefully.
  3. hello there, i am 14 years old my IGN is darkhalahula i am from the united states something about me is that i try to help people whenever i can the reason i want to join this server is to be able to learn more about it in a friendly environment, not factions and pvp like servers, but i want to be able to build freely without worrying what will happen to my base. something i want to build is a resort on the moon, were ill send people up to the moon, were there will be accommodations, exploration, tours, games, stuff like that. thanks for reading this, i really appreciate it, and take ca
  4. i wish there were more servers like this... i might just make one like his... but the problem is lag... i don't have the best of computers, its actually quite old p.s. im actually going to get a new computer in the summer, so ill make a server now, with maybe lag, then ill copy the world over to the new one
  5. 1.darkhalahula 2. 2 years, but I know a lot about it 3. I started playing voltz in the first few months I got minecraft, so I'm quit good id say 4. I would say my level is adept when It comes to voltz 5. I want to build a village, or a community where we all run on some nuclear generators, far beneath the ground (safety) and we all work together to build projects for the village 6. I would probably start going in a derection, to find a good place to set up camp, build a town hall, then start calling people in to help with the walls, and they can join aft
  6. im going to be joining again astro, so youll see me on soon, hope things are going well, see ya in the game
  7. -age: 13 -timezone and country of residence: pacific, us, washington -experience with minecraft/voltz: i am a really good minecraft player, and i am still learning about voltz, but i am well established. -what attracts you to my idea/server: i like the idea of an alliance kind of server -are you willing to group up with others or me or are you a lone wolf: i team with people alot, but im also good with bieng solo. -do you think that you understand my views about the difference between stupid grief and just fun pvp? yes i know the difgftence, its really stupid to grief for no reason. p.s.
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